Zoom Updates

Video SDK - Web v1.2.7

by Yves Grant
Fixed Issue where two-or-more videos could not be properly, simultaneously shown on Firefox and Safari.
Video SDK - web

Meeting SDK v5.10.3 patch

by Yves Grant
Fixed Fixed an issue where the SDK user was not able to leave the meeting when the meeting status was “Connecting”.
Meeting SDK - Android
Meeting SDK - iOS
Meeting SDK - Windows
Meeting SDK - macOS
Meeting SDK - Electron

Meeting SDK - Web v2.4.0

by Yves Grant
General Added Support for mobile browsers(further style optimizations forthcoming). Support for joining computer audio on desktop Safari. Virtual background support. API to decorate and customize the meeting invite URL on the frontend.
Meeting SDK - web

Meeting SDK - Android v5.10.3 (hotfix)

by Yves Grant
Fixed Issue where hiding the meeting number caused the meeting information button to be hidden.
Meeting SDK - Android

Video SDK - Web v1.2.5

by Yves Grant
Added Mobile browser support. Support for multiple videos (3 others + 1 self) on Chromium browsers without SharedArrayBuffer. Set the value of enforceMultipleVideos to true in the init method to enable this feature. Fixed Audio issues on
Video SDK - web

Event Subscription Updates — April 23, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
The following changes were released on April 23, 2022: Added Group group.admin_added group.admin_deleted group.created group.deleted group.lock_settings_updated group.member_added group.member_deleted group.settings_updated group.updated

Videos SDK - Electron v1.3.0

by Yves Grant
Breaking change Updated@vue/cli-plugin-babel,@vue/cli-plugin-router,@vue/cli-plugin-vuex, and@vue/cli-service versions to 5.0.4. Added setVideoQualityPreference interface in lib/zoom_video_sdk_video.js getSuppressBackgroundNoiseLevel,
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK - macOS v1.3.0

by Yves Grant
Added New interface to configure video preference profile. New interface class named ZMVideoSDKPreferenceSetting, defined in ZMVideoSDKVideoHelper.h:@property (nonatomic, assign, readwrite) ZMVideoSDKVideoPreferenceMode mode; @property
Video SDK - macOS

Video SDK - Windows v1.3.0

by Yves Grant
Added New interface to configure video preference profile. New interface in IZoomVideoSDKVideoHelper: virtual ZoomVideoSDKErrors setVideoQualityPreference(ZoomVideoSDKVideoPreferenceSetting& preference_setting) = 0; New interface in
Video SDK - Windows