Zoom Updates

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.7

by Chasity
Added New methods to pin, spotlight, remove attendees from a webinar, allow & disallow attendees to speak in the webinar, share computer audio, set and remove feedback
Zoom Apps SDK

Video SDK - iOS v1.5.3

by Chasity
Added New interface to clean up the SDK. New interface in ZoomVideoSDK.h- (ZoomVideoSDKError)cleanup; New interfaces for network quality events. New interface in ZoomVideoSDKUser.h@property (nonatomic, assign) ZoomVideoSDKNetworkStatus
Video SDK - iOS

Meeting SDK - iOS v5.12.8

by Chasity
Added New interface to the control waiting room configuration for the customized user interface. New interface in MobileRTCWaitingRoomService.h- (void)onCustomWaitingRoomDataUpdated:(MobileRTCCustomWaitingRoomData *_Nullable)data; -
Meeting SDK - iOS

Contact Center API - November 21, 2022

by Lesli
Added New Engagement APIs: GET /v2/contact_center/engagements GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/{engagementId} New Inbox APIs: POST /v2/contact_center/inboxes DELETE /v2/contact_center/inboxes PATCH /v2/contact_center/inboxes/{inboxId} GET
Contact Center

Meeting API - November 21, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
Enhancements New about_me, linkedin_url fields in the Users > Update a user API: PATCH /v2/users/{userId} Support for restricting the number of registrants in the Meetings > Add a meeting registrant API: POST

Video SDK API - November 21, 2022

by Yves
Added New session webhook event: session.recording_transcript_completed
Video SDK

Phone API - November 21, 2022

by BeLinda
Added New Provision template API: PUT /v2/phone/devices/{deviceId}/provision_templates

Video SDK - Electron v1.5.2

by Chasity
Add Updates to demo app to showcase sharing second camera and far-end camera control. Fixed Issue where the user cannot get stop control callback when someone stops controlling his or her camera. Issue where it showed other platforms
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK - macOS v1.5.3

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to adjust individual user's local audio volume. New interface in ZMVideoSDKUser.- (BOOL)setUserVolume:(float)volume isSharingAudio:(BOOL)isSharingAudio; - (BOOL)getUserVolume:(float*)volume
Video SDK - Mac