Zoom Updates

Video SDK React Native Wrapper v1.3.1

Added New interfaces and callback to support inviting others by phone (call out). New interfaces in ZoomVideoSdkPhoneHelper cancelInviteByPhone(); getInviteByPhoneStatus(); getSupportCountryInfo(); inviteByPhone(countryCode, phoneNumber,
Video SDK - React Native

MeetingSDK - Web v2.4.5

by Yves Grant
General Added Support for pronouns Labels to video tiles showing participants’ audio connection status Fixed Conflicts between 720p and virtual backgrounds running at the same time Client View Added Support for Webinar Session Branding
Meeting SDK - Web

New Server-to-Server OAuth App Type

by Yves Grant
The Server-to-Server OAuth app type should be available by June 2, 2022 at midnight PST. UPDATE: This is now available for Developers with access permissions (see note below). The Server-to-Server OAuth app type enables Developers to

Video SDK - Web v1.3.0

by Yves Grant
New Requirement in v1.3.0 Starting with VideoSDK-Web v1.3.0, the role_type in the JWT token is required. See SDK Authorization for details. Added Virtual background support, and APIs: isSupportVirtualBackground, previewVirtualBackground,
Video SDK - Web

Video SDK - Electron v1.3.1

by Yves Grant
Added Add enableMultiStreamVideo, disableMultiStreamVideo, startVideoPreview, stopVideoPreview interfaces in lib/zoom_video_sdk_video.js. Add startMicTestRecording, stopMicTestRecording, playMicTestRecording, startSpeakerTest,
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK - macOS v1.3.1

by Yves Grant
## Added New interfaces and callback to support multiple cameras (Up to 3). New interfaces in ZMVideoSDKVideoHelper-(BOOL)enableMultiStreamVideo:(NSString *)cameraDeviceID; -(BOOL)disableMultiStreamVideo:(NSString *)cameraDeviceID; New
Video SDK - Mac

Video SDK - Windows v1.3.1

by Yves Grant
Added New interfaces and callback to support up to 3 multiple cameras. New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKVideoHelper: virtual bool enableMultiStreamVideo(const zchar_t* cameraDeviceID) = 0; virtual bool disableMultiStreamVideo(const zchar_t*
Video SDK - Windows

Video SDK - iOS v1.3.1

by Yves Grant
Added Added Bitcode support. New error codes in ZoomVideoSDKErrors Errors_Call_Too_Frequently, Errors_No_Impl, Errors_Dont_Support_Feature, Errors_Meeting_Phone_Error =
Video SDK - iOS

Video SDK - Android v1.3.1

by Yves Grant
Added New Enum to support receiving 1080p video, only available for Oculus devices. New enum in ZoomVideoSDKVideoResolution VideoResolution_1080P(4) New interface in ZoomVideoSDKInitParams public boolean enableFullHD = false; New error
Video SDK - Android