Zoom Updates

Contact Center API - July 18, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
New API Queues- Update a queue agent PATCH /v2/contact_center/queues/{queueId}/agents/{userId} Recordings GET /v2/contact_center/recordings GET /v2/contact_center/users/{userId}/recordings DELETE /v2/contact_center/recordings/{recordingId}
Contact Center

Phone API - July 18, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
New Auto Receptionists DELETE /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId} GET /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId} Shared Line Appearance GET /v2/phone/shared_line_appearances Reboot a deskphone in Devices POST
Zoom Phone

Meeting SDK - Web v2.5.0

by Yves
Client View Added Support for testing mics and speakers Parameter in init to enable and configure an intermediary page for users clicking external hyperlinks Event listener for “Sharing has Started” events Functional and UI support for new
Meeting SDK - web

Video SDK - Electron v1.3.2

by Yves
Added Add subscribeToSharedComputerAudio and unsubscribeToSharedComputerAudio interfaces in lib/zoom_video_sdk_audio.js Add startShareComputerAudio interface in lib/zoom_video_sdk_share.js Add ZoomVideoSDKShareType enum in
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK - macOS v1.3.2

by Yves
Added New interface to share computer sound in a screen sharing. New interfaces in ZMVideoSDKRawDataPipe- (ZMVideoSDKErrors)subscribeToSharedComputerAudio; - (ZMVideoSDKErrors)unsubscribeToSharedComputerAudio; -
Video SDK - macOS

Video SDK - Windows v1.3.2

by Yves
Added New interfaces to support sharing computer sound New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKShareHelper: virtual ZoomVideoSDKErrors startShareComputerAudio() = 0; New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipe: virtual ZoomVideoSDKErrors
Video SDK - Windows

Video SDK - iOS v1.3.2

by Yves
Changed & Fixed Fixed issues that caused memory leaks. Replace the term "Meeting" with "Session" in Video SDK error codes. Errors_Meeting_Phone_Error--> Errors_Session_Phone_Error Errors_meeting_Share_Error--> Errors_Session_Share_Error
Video SDK - iOS

Video SDK - Android v1.3.2

by Yves
Changed Replace the term "Meeting" with "Session" in ZoomVideoSDKErrors.
Video SDK - Android

Meeting SDK v5.11.1 (patch)

by Yves
Upgraded codebase. Fixed on macOS: Screen share didn’t work when a user joined a multi-share meeting with two users sharing their screens. Fixed on macOS: Having a space in the username resulted in not being able to join the meeting. Fixed
Meeting SDK - Android
Meeting SDK - Electron
Meeting SDK - macOS
Meeting SDK - Windows
Meeting SDK - iOS