Zoom Updates

Video SDK - Web v1.4.0

by Yves
Added muteUserAudioLocally method to locally mute or unmute another user's audio. Mic and speaker preview support. The microphone can be tested by recording voice and playing it. Speakers can be tested by playing a sound and visualizing its
Video SDK - web

VideoSDK-Electron v1.3.3

by Chasity
Add Add teamIdentifier and speakerTestFilePath params for initialize interface in lib/zoom_video_sdk.js
Video SDK - Electron

VideoSDK-MacOS v1.3.3

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to support live transcription and translation. New interface class named ZMVideoSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage defined in ZMVideoSDKUserHelper.h@property (nonatomic, assign, readonly)int languageID; @property (nonatomic,
Video SDK - macOS

VideoSDK-Windows v1.3.3

by Chasity
Added New interface to support new live transcription and transcription features. New enums: typedef enum { ZoomVideoSDKLiveTranscription_Status_Stop = 0,//not start ZoomVideoSDKLiveTranscription_Status_Start = 1, 
Video SDK - Windows

VideoSDK-iOS v1.3.3

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to test audio before joining a session in ZoomVideoSDKTestAudioDeviceHelper.h- (ZoomVideoSDKError)startMicTestRecording; - (ZoomVideoSDKError)stopMicTestRecording; - (ZoomVideoSDKError)playMicTestRecording; -
Video SDK - iOS

VideoSDK-Android v1.3.3

by Chasity
Added New interface to test audio before joining a session. New interface in ZoomVideoSDK public abstract ZoomVideoSDKTestAudioDeviceHelper getTestAudioDeviceHelper(); New error codes in ZoomVideoSDKErrors int Errors_Permission_RECORD_AUDIO
Video SDK - Android

Meeting SDK - Electron v5.11.4.9092

by Chasity
See the Windows SDK and macOS SDK release notes for the changes in Electron SDK.
Meeting SDK - Electron

Meeting SDK - macOS v5.11.3.9091

by Chasity
Added New interface to give each user a unique user ID in the main meeting and in or out of Breakout Room (BO) rooms. This ID is only persistent during the current meeting; the ID will be discarded once the meeting is over. New interface in
Meeting SDK - macOS

Meeting SDK - Windows v5.11.4.7235

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to add the ability to send screen sharing raw data. New interface in zoom_rasdata_api.h SDK_API IZoomSDKShareSourceHelper*  GetRawdataShareSourceHelper(); New classes in rawdata_share_source_helper_interface.h class
Meeting SDK - Windows