Zoom Updates

Meeting API - August 22, 2022

by Chasity
Added New Chat API: DELETE /v2/chat/channels/{channelId}/members New Settings registration APIs: GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/settings/registration PATCH /v2/accounts/{accountId}/settings/registration GET

Video SDK API - August 22, 2022

by Chasity
Added New VideoSDK webhook events: session.user_phone_callout_ringing session.user_phone_callout_accepted session.user_phone_callout_rejected session.user_phone_callout_missed session.user_room_system_callout_ringing
Video SDK

Phone API - August 22, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
New Delete unassigned phone numbers API DELETE /v2/phone/numbers Batch add users API under Users POST /v2/phone/users/batch Enhancements Added Call waiting support for Update a call handling setting API with new fields (

Contact Center API - August 22, 2022

by Lesli
Added - APIs New Notes APIs: GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/notes GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/{engagementId}/notes GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/{engagementId}/notes/{noteId} PATCH
Contact Center

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.3

by Chasity
Added drawParticipant and runRenderingContext support additional shapes beyond the “rectangle” and “person” options. These new shapes are available to apps running on Zoom 5.11.6 and later:“standard”“square”“verticalRectangle”“circle” Fixed
Zoom Apps SDK

Meeting SDK - Web v2.6.0

by Yves
General Fixed Reverted audio-handling changes in v2.5.0 to support Chrome 104 beta. Client View Added In-session resource support. Ability to customize the waiting room. Email watermark support. Support for sending 720p videos on Macs using
Meeting SDK - Web

Set data center region in JWT payload

by Yves
New optional field in JWT payload to allow setting the data center region preference for the session. Specify the data center location used by the participant, separated by commas. Valid geo regions: US,AU,CA,IN,CN,BR,MX,HK,SG,JP,DE,NL
Video SDK - iOS
Video SDK - Android
Video SDK - Windows
Video SDK - Mac
Video SDK - Web

Video SDK - Web v1.4.0

by Yves
Added muteUserAudioLocally method to locally mute or unmute another user's audio. Mic and speaker preview support. The microphone can be tested by recording voice and playing it. Speakers can be tested by playing a sound and visualizing its
Video SDK - Web

VideoSDK-Electron v1.3.3

by Chasity
Add Add teamIdentifier and speakerTestFilePath params for initialize interface in lib/zoom_video_sdk.js
Video SDK - Electron