Zoom Updates

Video SDK - Web v1.5.0

by Chasity
Added Support for sending 720p videos on M1 and M2 macOS devices. Enhanced Audio on Android. Fixed An issue where speaker tests would not stop in some edge cases. switchCamera() function not working properly on mobile iOS and Android
Video SDK - web

Contact Center SDK - September 27, 2022

by Lesli
Contact Center SDKs now support the following features for mobile and in-app video and chat engagements: Collect input (visual IVR) Send media Route to Condition HTTP call Script and set variable Customized waiting rooms (in-app video
Contact Center
Contact Center SDK - Android
Contact Center SDK - iOS

Video SDK for React Native v1.4.0

by Chasity
Added New interfaces and callbacks to support live transcription and translation. New interface ZoomVideoSdkLiveTranscriptionHelper. New functions in ZoomVideoSdkLiveTranscriptionHelper canStartLiveTranscription: () =>
Video SDK - React Native

Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) API - September 19, 2022

by Chasity
Enhancements The following APIs used to be listed in the Zoom API Dashboard section. Now they exist in the QSS API Dashboard section. They require a subscription to the QSS summary event to receive data. QSS Dashboard APIs- GET

Video SDK API - September 19, 2022

by Chasity
Enhancements New h323_headers, h323_headers.from_display_name, h323_headers.to_display_name request fields in the VideoSDK API: PATCH /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/events New session_id, session_name, and session_key fields in the
Video SDK

Contact Center API - September 19, 2022

by Lesli S.
New Flows API GET /v2/contact_center/flows GET /v2/contact_center/flows/{flowId} Inboxes API GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes/messages GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes/{inboxId}/messages DELETE
Contact Center

Phone API - September, 19 2022

by Ji Won Lee
New SMS campaign API GET /v2/phone/sms_campaigns GET /v2/phone/sms_campaigns/{smsCampaignId} POST /v2/phone/sms_campaigns/{smsCampaignId}/phone_numbers DELETE /v2/phone/sms_campaigns/{smsCampaignId}/phone_numbers/{numberId} Policy setting
Zoom Phone

Meeting API - September 19, 2022

by Ji Won L.
New User meeting template API POST /v2/users/{userId}/meeting_templates Workspace API GET /v2/workspaces/{workspaceId}/qr_code POST /v2/workspaces/events Zoom Chat API GET /v2/chat/users/{userId}/channels/{channelId}/admins POST

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.4

by Chasity
Added Typescript types now provided as named exports. Version comment added to distributed SDK files. Typedoc updated to version 0.23.10. New methods added for getting/setting the on/off state of current user’s audio and video:
Zoom Apps SDK