Zoom Updates

Phone API - October, 24 2022

by Yves
New Provision template APIs: GET /v2/phone/provision_templates POST /v2/phone/provision_templates GET /v2/phone/provision_templates/{templateId} PATCH /v2/phone/provision_templates/{templateId} DELETE
Zoom Phone

Marketplace API - October 24, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
Added New Get webhook logs API GET /v2/marketplace/apps/{appId}/webhook_logs

Video SDK API - October 24, 2022

by Yves
Enhancements New session_id and session_name fields in the following VideoSDK webhook events: session.user_room_system_callout_ringing session.user_room_system_callout_accepted session.user_room_system_callout_rejected
Video SDK

Contact Center API - October 24, 2022

by Lesli
Added New Reports APIs: GET /v2/contact_center/analytics/agents/time_sheets Enhanced Replaced request field channel_type with channel_types in these Reports APIs: GET /v2/contact_center/analytics/historical/queues/metrics GET
Contact Center

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.6

by Chasity
Updated createBreakoutRooms Data Input changes: numberOfRooms: number, Amount of breakout rooms to create. Between 1 and 50. Optional if names is present. names: String[], List of names to give breakoutrooms upon creation. Between 1 and 50.
Zoom Apps SDK

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.5

by Chasity
Added Added role-based permissions information to all APIs and events in the documentation. Each API & event's first available client version information is added to the documentation. New method zoomSdk.getAppContext added for getting Zoom
Zoom Apps SDK

Video SDK v1.5.2 (patch)

by Chasity
Fixed Minor bug fixes.
Video SDK - iOS
Video SDK - Android
Video SDK - Windows
Video SDK - macOS
Video SDK - Electron

Meeting SDK v5.12.2 (patch)

by Chasity
Fixed Minor bug fixes. Security enhancements.
Meeting SDK - Android
Meeting SDK - macOS
Meeting SDK - Windows
Meeting SDK - iOS
Meeting SDK - Electron

Video SDK - Web v1.5.1

by Yves
# Fixed Audio did not work on Safari for iPadOS.
Video SDK - web