Zoom Updates

Video SDK for Electron v1.6.2

by Yves
Added Support for the Linux platform. Breaking change Upgrade node version to 18.
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK for macOS v1.6.2

by Yves
Added Add callback to show original and translated. New interfaces in ZMVideoSDKLiveTranscriptionHelper (ZMVideoSDKErrors)enableReceiveSpokenLanguageContent:(BOOL)enable; (BOOL)isReceiveSpokenLanguageContentEnabled; Add new enum values
Video SDK - macOS

Video SDK for Windows v1.6.2

by Yves
Added New interfaces to support video statistics on the shared (2nd) channel. New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipe virtual ZoomVideoSDKVideoStatisticInfo getVideoStatisticInfo() = 0; New interfaces to show original and
Video SDK - Windows

Video SDK for iOS v1.6.2

by Yves
Added New interface to support translation messageList. New interface in ZoomVideoSDKNetworkConnectionHelper.h - (BOOL)isAllowViewFullTranscriptEnable; - (NSArray <ZoomVideoSDKLiveTranscriptionMessageInfo*>
Video SDK - iOS

Video SDK for Android v1.6.2

by Yves
Breaking Changes minSdkVersion upgraded to 23 compileSdkVersion upgraded to 33 buildToolsVersion upgraded to 30.0.3 targetSdkVersion upgraded to 33 Added Add interface to enable/disable receiving original and translated
Video SDK - Android

GraphQL - January 18, 2023

by Yves
Added Query meetingDetailReports meetingPollReports meetingReports activityReport dailyReport webinarLocalRecordingJoinToken webinarToken trackingSources webinarLocalArchiveToken webinarLiveStreamingJoinToken userLevelChannel M

Zoom Events January 17, 2023

by Chasity
Added New Basic APIs: GET /v2/zoom_events/events POST /v2/zoom_events/events GET /v2/zoom_events/events/{eventId} PATCH /v2/zoom_events/events/{eventId} DELETE /v2/zoom_events/events/{eventId} New Sessions APIs: GET
Zoom Events

Zoom Phone-Web v5.1.0

by BeLinda
Added New List carrier peering phone numbers API: GET /v2/phone/carrier-peering/numbers Enhancements New call_transferring and play_recording_beep_tone request and response fields in User and Site APIs: GET
Zoom Phone

Zoom Chat API release notes 1-16-2023

by Chasity
Fixed Updated user-level Team Chat API endpoints to remove message sender information from external contacts.  Updated admin-level Team Chat API endpoints to remove message sender information from external contacts.
Zoom Team Chat