Zoom Updates

Video SDK macOS v1.1.0

by Yves Grant
Added SDK sample app. Apple M1 support. Ability to send raw audio data and the support for virtual microphone and virtual speaker. Added NZoomVideoSDKAudioSendRawdata.h Note: When using the virtual speaker, the audio share will be disabled
Video SDK - Mac

Video SDK Windows v1.1.0

by Yves Grant
Added SDK sample app. Ability to send raw audio data. Added new member IZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioMic for sending raw audio data in ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext. Support for virtual microphone and virtual speaker. Added
Video SDK - Windows

Video SDK Android v1.1.0

by Yves Grant
Added Support for virtual microphone. Interfaces in ZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioMic.java:- void onMicInitialize(ZoomVideoSDKAudioSender sender); - void onMicStartSend - void onMicStopSend - void onMicUninitialized The ability to send raw audio
Video SDK - Android

Video SDK iOS v1.1.0

by Yves Grant
Added Virtual audio mic to allow sending raw audio into a session. The interfaces for this are located in ZoomVideoSDK.h, ZoomVideoSDKDelegate.h and ZoomVideoSDKAudioSender.h:@property (nonatomic, assign) id<ZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioMic>
Video SDK - iOS

Web Client SDK version 1.9.6

by Yves Grant
Added / Updated The Web Meeting SDK does not support mobile devices; same as the Zoom web client. Active Apps Notifier. When someone in a meeting or webinar is utilizing any app that has access to real-time content or personal information
Meeting SDK - Web

API updates - May 23, 2021

by Yves Grant
The following changes were released on May 23, 2021. Additions Added new API to mark chat messages read or unread. PATCH /v2/chat/users/{userId}/messages/{messageId}/status Added new API to getting a meeting with archived files. GET

Web Client SDK version 1.9.5

by Yves Grant
Added Support language interpretation for participants. Support for audio and video preview before joining a meeting or webinar. Support for auto and manually approved registered meetings. Support meeting and webinar registrations using the
Meeting SDK - Web

Video SDK Web version 1.0.3

by Yves Grant
Added Single View, a solution to present videos on browsers that are not capable of rendering multiple videos. For example, Firefox and Safari. The stream.isSupportMultipleVideos method. This method returns “yes” if the browser is capable
Video SDK - Web

Electron SDK Updates - 04/27/21

by Yves Grant
Developers! We are happy to announce that our Electron SDK has been updated to v5.5.12511.0422 and is available in the Zoom App Marketplace. In this version, we included the following changes: Changed & Fixed Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1k.
Meeting SDK - Electron