Zoom Updates

Meeting SDK - macOS v5.12.0

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to improve the pre-join experience by merging currently separated join-before-host and waiting room screens into a single waiting screen. New interface in ZoomSDKWaitingRoomController-
Meeting SDK - Mac

Meeting SDK for Electron v5.12.0

by Chasity
Breaking change Upgrade the electron version to 19.
Meeting SDK - Electron

Video SDK for macOS v1.5.0

by Chasity
Added New interface to support proxy settings and get SSL certificate info. New interface in ZMVideoSDK- (ZMVideoSDKNetworkConnectionHelper*)getNetworkConnectionHelper; New interface in
Video SDK - Mac

Video SDK for Electron v1.5.0

by Chasity
Add Add interfaces in lib/zoom_video_sdk_video.js. addVirtualBackgroundItem, removeVirtualBackgroundItem, getVirtualBackgroundItemList, setVirtualBackgroundItem, getSelectedVirtualBackgroundItem, getSelectedVirtualBackgroundItem Add new
Video SDK - Electron

Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) API - September 19, 2022

by Chasity
Enhancements The following APIs used to be listed in the Zoom API Dashboard section. Now they exist in the QSS API Dashboard section. They require a subscription to the QSS summary event to receive data. QSS Dashboard APIs- GET

Video SDK API - September 19, 2022

by Chasity
Enhancements New h323_headers, h323_headers.from_display_name, h323_headers.to_display_name request fields in the VideoSDK API: PATCH /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/events New session_id, session_name, and session_key fields in the
Video SDK

Contact Center API - September 19, 2022

by Lesli S.
New Flows API GET /v2/contact_center/flows GET /v2/contact_center/flows/{flowId} Inboxes API GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes/messages GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes/{inboxId}/messages DELETE
Contact Center

Phone API - September, 19 2022

by Ji Won Lee
New SMS campaign API GET /v2/phone/sms_campaigns GET /v2/phone/sms_campaigns/{smsCampaignId} POST /v2/phone/sms_campaigns/{smsCampaignId}/phone_numbers DELETE /v2/phone/sms_campaigns/{smsCampaignId}/phone_numbers/{numberId} Policy setting

Meeting API - September 19, 2022

by Ji Won L.
New User meeting template API POST /v2/users/{userId}/meeting_templates Workspace API GET /v2/workspaces/{workspaceId}/qr_code POST /v2/workspaces/events Zoom Chat API GET /v2/chat/users/{userId}/channels/{channelId}/admins POST