Zoom Updates

Meeting SDK - Web v2.9.7

by Chasity
General Added SDK functions for host and co-host status management. See the SDK reference for details. “Camera not connected” icon for when the user does not have a camera connected. Support for recording with Zoom IQ. Client
Meeting SDK - web

Meeting SDK - Electron v5.13.5

by Chasity
Breaking change Upgraded node version to 18. Deprecated Delete MeetingConfig_DisableConfidentialWatermark interface in lib/zoom_meeting_configuration.js
Meeting SDK - Electron

Meeting SDK - Android v5.13.5

by Chasity
Breaking Changes minSdkVersion has upgraded to version 23. Added New interface to support stoping all participant’s incoming video in InMeetingVideoController boolean isStopIncomingVideoSupported() boolean
Meeting SDK - Android

Video SDK for macOS v1.6.2

by Yves
Added Add callback to show original and translated. New interfaces in ZMVideoSDKLiveTranscriptionHelper (ZMVideoSDKErrors)enableReceiveSpokenLanguageContent:(BOOL)enable; (BOOL)isReceiveSpokenLanguageContentEnabled; Add new enum values
Video SDK - macOS

Video SDK for Windows v1.6.2

by Yves
Added New interfaces to support video statistics on the shared (2nd) channel. New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipe virtual ZoomVideoSDKVideoStatisticInfo getVideoStatisticInfo() = 0; New interfaces to show original and
Video SDK - Windows

GraphQL - January 18, 2023

by Yves
Added Query meetingDetailReports meetingPollReports meetingReports activityReport dailyReport webinarLocalRecordingJoinToken webinarToken trackingSources webinarLocalArchiveToken webinarLiveStreamingJoinToken userLevelChannel M

Zoom Events January 17, 2023

by Chasity
Added New Basic APIs: GET /v2/zoom_events/events POST /v2/zoom_events/events GET /v2/zoom_events/events/{eventId} PATCH /v2/zoom_events/events/{eventId} DELETE /v2/zoom_events/events/{eventId} New Sessions APIs: GET
Zoom Events

Zoom Chat API release notes 1-16-2023

by Chasity
Fixed Updated user-level Team Chat API endpoints to remove message sender information from external contacts.  Updated admin-level Team Chat API endpoints to remove message sender information from external contacts.
Zoom Team Chat

Contact Center version 2.1.0

by Lesli
Enhancements Added user_email response field in the Recordings APIs: GET /v2/contact_center/recordings GET /v2/contact_center/users/{userId}/recordings GET /v2/contact_center/queues/{queueId}/recordings GET
Contact Center