Zoom Updates

Video SDK - Electron v1.3.2

by Yves
Added Add subscribeToSharedComputerAudio and unsubscribeToSharedComputerAudio interfaces in lib/zoom_video_sdk_audio.js Add startShareComputerAudio interface in lib/zoom_video_sdk_share.js Add ZoomVideoSDKShareType enum in
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK - Windows v1.3.2

by Yves
Added New interfaces to support sharing computer sound New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKShareHelper: virtual ZoomVideoSDKErrors startShareComputerAudio() = 0; New interfaces in IZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipe: virtual ZoomVideoSDKErrors
Video SDK - Windows

Video SDK - iOS v1.3.2

by Yves
Changed & Fixed Fixed issues that caused memory leaks. Replace the term "Meeting" with "Session" in Video SDK error codes. Errors_Meeting_Phone_Error--> Errors_Session_Phone_Error Errors_meeting_Share_Error--> Errors_Session_Share_Error
Video SDK - iOS

Meeting SDK v5.11.1 (patch)

by Yves
Upgraded codebase. Fixed on macOS: Screen share didn’t work when a user joined a multi-share meeting with two users sharing their screens. Fixed on macOS: Having a space in the username resulted in not being able to join the meeting. Fixed
Meeting SDK - Android
Meeting SDK - Electron
Meeting SDK - Mac
Meeting SDK - Windows
Meeting SDK - iOS

Meeting SDK - macOS v5.11.0

by Yves
Added New interfaces to streaming to raw to access "downstream" raw audio and video streams New interfaces in ZoomSDKLiveStreamHelper-(ZoomSDKError)startRawLiveStream:(NSString *)broadcastURL; -(ZoomSDKError)stopRawLiveStream; New interface
Meeting SDK - Mac

Meeting API - June 21, 2022

by Yves
Added New Webinar webhook events: meeting.participant_room_system_callout_ringing meeting.participant_room_system_callout_accepted meeting.participant_room_system_callout_rejected meeting.participant_room_system_callout_missed
Video SDK

Phone API - June 21, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
Added Auto Receptionist policy API PATCH /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/policies GET /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/policies PATCH /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/policies/{policyType}

ZCC API - June 21, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
Zoom Contact Center API https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zcc-api

Video SDK - Web v1.3.0

by Yves Grant
New Requirement in v1.3.0 Starting with VideoSDK-Web v1.3.0, the role_type in the JWT token is required. See SDK Authorization for details. Added Virtual background support, and APIs: isSupportVirtualBackground, previewVirtualBackground,
Video SDK - Web