Zoom Updates

Meeting SDK - Web v2.5.0

by Yves
Client View Added Support for testing mics and speakers Parameter in init to enable and configure an intermediary page for users clicking external hyperlinks Event listener for “Sharing has Started” events Functional and UI support for new
Meeting SDK - Web

Video SDK - macOS v1.3.2

by Yves
Added New interface to share computer sound in a screen sharing. New interfaces in ZMVideoSDKRawDataPipe- (ZMVideoSDKErrors)subscribeToSharedComputerAudio; - (ZMVideoSDKErrors)unsubscribeToSharedComputerAudio; -
Video SDK - Mac

Meeting SDK v5.11.1 (patch)

by Yves
Upgraded codebase. Fixed on macOS: Screen share didn’t work when a user joined a multi-share meeting with two users sharing their screens. Fixed on macOS: Having a space in the username resulted in not being able to join the meeting. Fixed
Meeting SDK - Android
Meeting SDK - Electron
Meeting SDK - Mac
Meeting SDK - Windows
Meeting SDK - iOS

App approval notification setting

by Ji Won Lee
Marketplace team released a new capability to notify end users directly when an app has been approved for use. This was deployed to address customer feedback about the lack of notification for users when an app is approved and available for

Meeting SDK - macOS v5.11.0

by Yves
Added New interfaces to streaming to raw to access "downstream" raw audio and video streams New interfaces in ZoomSDKLiveStreamHelper-(ZoomSDKError)startRawLiveStream:(NSString *)broadcastURL; -(ZoomSDKError)stopRawLiveStream; New interface
Meeting SDK - Mac

Meeting SDK - Windows v5.11.0

by Yves
Added New interfaces to streaming to raw to access "downstream" raw audio and video streams New interfaces in IMeetingLiveStreamController virtual SDKError StartRawLiveStream(const wchar_t* broadcastURL) = 0; virtual SDKError
Meeting SDK - Windows

Meeting API - June 21, 2022

by Yves
Added New Webinar webhook events: meeting.participant_room_system_callout_ringing meeting.participant_room_system_callout_accepted meeting.participant_room_system_callout_rejected meeting.participant_room_system_callout_missed
Video SDK

Video SDK React Native Wrapper v1.3.1

Added New interfaces and callback to support inviting others by phone (call out). New interfaces in ZoomVideoSdkPhoneHelper cancelInviteByPhone(); getInviteByPhoneStatus(); getSupportCountryInfo(); inviteByPhone(countryCode, phoneNumber,
Video SDK - React Native

MeetingSDK - Web v2.4.5

by Yves Grant
General Added Support for pronouns Labels to video tiles showing participants’ audio connection status Fixed Conflicts between 720p and virtual backgrounds running at the same time Client View Added Support for Webinar Session Branding
Meeting SDK - Web