Zoom Updates

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.5

by Chasity
Added Added role-based permissions information to all APIs and events in the documentation. Each API & event's first available client version information is added to the documentation. New method zoomSdk.getAppContext added for getting Zoom
Zoom Apps SDK

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.4

by Chasity
Added Typescript types now provided as named exports. Version comment added to distributed SDK files. Typedoc updated to version 0.23.10. New methods added for getting/setting the on/off state of current user’s audio and video:
Zoom Apps SDK

Meeting SDK - Windows v5.11.11

by Chasity
Breaking change Delete MEETING_STATUS_WAITING_EXTERNAL_SESSION_KEY since S_CONF_WAITING_EXTERNAL_SESSION_KEY is deprecated in the Zoom client. Added New interfaces to access raw meeting audio/video data and provide additional flexibility in
Meeting SDK - Windows

Meeting SDK - macOS v5.11.11

by Chasity
Added New interface to support UI legal notice for sharing in-meeting chat to an existing channel. New interface in
Meeting SDK - Mac

Meeting SDK - Electron v5.11.11

by Chasity
Add Add StartRawArchiving and StopRawArchiving interfaces in lib/zoom_meeting_raw_archiving_ctrl.js to access raw meeting audio/video data and control the meeting voice and video archiving. Add MeetingShare_SetAudioShareMode and
Meeting SDK - Electron

Video SDK for Android v1.4.0

by Chasity
Added New interface to delete in a meeting chat message. New interface in ZoomVideoSDKChatHelper int deleteChatMessage(String msgId); boolean canChatMessageBeDeleted(String msgId); New interface in ZoomVideoSDKChatMessage public String
Video SDK - Android

Video SDK - Web 1.4.1

by Chasity
Added Subsession support. Enhanced Monitor logs for troubleshooting audio-start issues in iOS browsers. preloadDependentAssets method by adding a customized assets path option/argument. Fixed Mobile browsers not receiving
Video SDK - Web

Webhook validation and verification changes

by Yves
UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 22, 2022: Webhook endpoint validation is not yet released and verification is not yet required. However, please be aware that these changes will be coming. Once enabled, you will need to validate your webhook endpoint

Zoom Apps SDK v0.16.3

by Chasity
Added drawParticipant and runRenderingContext support additional shapes beyond the “rectangle” and “person” options. These new shapes are available to apps running on Zoom 5.11.6 and later:“standard”“square”“verticalRectangle”“circle” Fixed
Zoom Apps SDK