Zoom Updates

Meeting API - November 21, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
Enhancements New about_me, linkedin_url fields in the Users > Update a user API: PATCH /v2/users/{userId} Support for restricting the number of registrants in the Meetings > Add a meeting registrant API: POST

Phone API - November 21, 2022

by BeLinda
Added New Provision template API: PUT /v2/phone/devices/{deviceId}/provision_templates

Video SDK - Electron v1.5.2

by Chasity
Add Updates to demo app to showcase sharing second camera and far-end camera control. Fixed Issue where the user cannot get stop control callback when someone stops controlling his or her camera. Issue where it showed other platforms
Video SDK - Electron

Video SDK - macOS v1.5.2

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to adjust individual user's local audio volume. New interface in ZMVideoSDKUser.- (BOOL)setUserVolume:(float)volume isSharingAudio:(BOOL)isSharingAudio; - (BOOL)getUserVolume:(float*)volume
Video SDK - Mac

Meeting SDK - Electron v5.12.8

by Chasity
Updates to codebase.
Meeting SDK - Electron

Meeting SDK - macOS v5.12.8

by Chasity
Added New interface to control waiting room configuration for the customized user interface. New interface class named ZoomSDKCustomWaitingRoomData defined in ZoomSDKWaitingRoomController.h @property (copy, nonatomic, readonly) NSString*
Meeting SDK - Mac

Video SDK - web v.1.5.5

by Yves
Added Support for multi-sharing at the same time. Enable with stream.setSharePrivilege(SharePrivilege.MultipleShare). Use stream.switchShareView to switch the share view. Ability to adjust individual user's audio volume locally using
Video SDK - Web

Meeting SDK - Web v2.9.0

by Chasity
General Added API for managing virtual background. Free meeting end dialog. Client View Added Sign language interpreter support. API for customizing the polling link (setCustomizedPollingUrl). Support for sending emojis in
Meeting SDK - Web

Meeting API - October 24, 2022

by Ji Won Lee
Added New Contact Groups API GET /v2/contacts/groups POST /v2/contacts/groups DELETE /v2/contacts/groups/{groupId} GET /v2/contacts/groups/{groupId} PATCH /v2/contacts/groups/{groupId} DELETE /v2/contacts/groups/{groupId}/members GET