Zoom Updates

Video SDK for React Native v1.4.0

by Chasity
Added New interfaces and callbacks to support live transcription and translation. New interface ZoomVideoSdkLiveTranscriptionHelper. New functions in ZoomVideoSdkLiveTranscriptionHelper canStartLiveTranscription: () =>
Video SDK - React Native

Contact Center API - September 19, 2022

by Lesli S.
New Flows API GET /v2/contact_center/flows GET /v2/contact_center/flows/{flowId} Inboxes API GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes/messages GET /v2/contact_center/inboxes/{inboxId}/messages DELETE
Contact Center

Meeting SDK - Windows v5.11.11

by Chasity
Breaking change Delete MEETING_STATUS_WAITING_EXTERNAL_SESSION_KEY since S_CONF_WAITING_EXTERNAL_SESSION_KEY is deprecated in the Zoom client. Added New interfaces to access raw meeting audio/video data and provide additional flexibility in
Meeting SDK - Windows

Meeting SDK - iOS v5.11.10

by Chasity
Added New property to hide Feedback and ShareButton in MobileRTCMeetingSettings.h@property (assign, nonatomic) BOOL hideFeedbackButtonOnCloudWhiteboard @property (assign, nonatomic) BOOL hideShareButtonOnCloudWhiteboard``` New property to
Meeting SDK - iOS

Video SDK - Windows v1.4.1

by Chasity
Added New interfaces to support programmatic virtual background. New class IVirtualBackgroundItem: class IVirtualBackgroundItem   { public: virtual const zchar_t* getImageFilePath() = 0; virtual const zchar_t* getImageName() = 0; virtual
Video SDK - Windows

MeetingSDK - Web - v2.7.0

by Chasity
Client View Removed API Key property. In the Meeting SDK for Web version 2.7.0 releasing at the end of August 2022, the apiKey property will be removed from the join() function, therefore you will not be able to join a meeting. Please see
Meeting SDK - Web

Video SDK - Web 1.4.1

by Chasity
Added Subsession support. Enhanced Monitor logs for troubleshooting audio-start issues in iOS browsers. preloadDependentAssets method by adding a customized assets path option/argument. Fixed Mobile browsers not receiving
Video SDK - Web

Zoom Contact Center mobile SDKs

by Chasity
The Contact Center SDK for Android version 1.0 and Contact Center SDK for iOS version 1.0 are now in public beta. Brands and campaigns can integrate in-app messaging and in-app video call capabilities with the Zoom Contact Center using
Contact Center SDK - Android
Contact Center SDK - iOS
Contact Center

Contact Center API - August 22, 2022

by Lesli
Added - APIs New Notes APIs: GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/notes GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/{engagementId}/notes GET /v2/contact_center/engagements/{engagementId}/notes/{noteId} PATCH
Contact Center