Web Meeting and Video SDK action required before Chrome 100 release on March 29th

On March 29th Chrome 100 will be released. If your users upgrade to Chrome 100, the Web SDK may not function properly.

To ensure that the Web SDKs function properly with Chrome 100, please upgrade to the Web Meeting SDK 2.3.0 or higher or the Web Video SDK 1.2.0 or higher before March 29th.

If you are not using the Web Meeting SDK or Web Video SDK you can disregard this notice. Likewise, if your users are not using Chrome 100 or above, you can continue to use older versions of the Web SDK. However, we strongly encourage you to upgrade.

The latest versions can be found on The Web Meeting SDK NPM page, Web Video SDK NPM page, or the Download page in your SDK app on the Zoom App Marketplace.

See the Chrome developer blog post Force Chrome major version to 100 in the User-Agent string for more details about this Chrome issue.

We apologize for the late notice, please reach out to us for any questions at devsupport.zoom.us or devforum.zoom.us.