Support for sending and receiving 720p video.

New interfaces and callbacks to support cloud recording:

New interfaces in ZoomVideoSDKRecordingHelper:

int canStartRecording();
int stopCloudRecording();
int pauseCloudRecording();
int resumeCloudRecording();
ZoomVideoSDKRecordingStatus getCloudRecordingStatus();

New callback in ZoomVideoSDKDelegate:

void onCloudRecordingStatus(ZoomVideoSDKRecordingStatus status);
void onHostAskUnmute();

New status in ZoomVideoSDKRecordingStatus:


New interface in ZoomVideoSDK:

public abstract ZoomVideoSDKRecordingHelper getRecordingHelper()

New interfaces and callbacks to support the command channel:

New interface in ZoomVideoSDKCmdChannel:

int sendCommand(@Nullable ZoomVideoSDKUser receiver, String strCmd);

New callbacks in ZoomVideoSDKDelegate:

void onCommandReceived(ZoomVideoSDKUser sender, String strCmd);
void onCommandChannelConnectResult(boolean isSuccess);

New interface in ZoomVideoSDK:

public abstract ZoomVideoSDKCmdChannel getCmdChannel();

New interface to support customized close times when a session is idle:

New interface in ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext:

public int sessionIdleTimeoutMins = 40;


  • Improved role management. All users now require a defined role_type:

    • role_type=1 — The user is the host. Only one user should have this role. If they leave the session and rejoin, they will regain host privileges.

    • role_type=0 — The user is an attendee. Other users should be assigned to this role.

  • The user_identity field is now optional.

  • API documentation with better descriptions for new interfaces and methods.

  • Updated target API to 29. Google Play requires a target of Android 10 (API level 29) or higher.

  • Enforcement of user identity character limit in the sample app.


  • Issue where removeUser and changeName incorrectly returned a successful result.

  • Intermittent crashing when initializing the SDK.

  • Bug when joining a livestream session and cannot start video.