Changed & Fixed

  • Enhanced encryption support.

  • Fixed an issue with the demo app not working properly on Samsung devices.



  • Added interfaces to allow the user to retrieve video QoS statistics

  • The added interface in ZoomInstantSDKSession.java

  • ZoomInstantSDKSessionAudioStatisticInfo getSessionAudioStatisticInfo()

  • ZoomInstantSDKSessionASVStatisticInfo getSessionVideoStatisticInfo()

  • ZoomInstantSDKSessionASVStatisticInfo getSessionShareStatisticInfo()

  • Added a callback to get notified when an attendee changes the display name

  • The added interface in ZoomInstantSDKDelegate.java

  • void onUserNameChanged(ZoomInstantSDKUser user)

  • Added the ability to know who has been assigned as the manager in a session

  • Added interface in ZoomInstantSDKDelegate.java

  • void onUserManagerChanged(ZoomInstantSDKUser user)