The following items have been included in this API release:

New APIs and webhooks

  • Added Delete a voicemail API.

    • DELETE /v2/phone/voice_mails/{voicemailId}

  • Added BYOC phone number API.

    • POST /v2/phone/byoc_numbers


  • Added a new request parameter(byoc) that holds the value of BYOC phone numbers in List phone numbers API.

  • Added new response fields(path, has_recording, has_voicemail, call_id) in the following phone webhooks.

    • phone.caller_call_log_completed

    • phone.callee_call_log_completed

  • Added new response fields(client_code, site, charge, rate) in user call logs and account call logs APIs.

  • Added a new response field(user_id) in Get account call logs API.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some records related to members of a shared line group were not being returned.

    • GET /phone/shared_line_groups

  • Fixed a bug with pagination in List phone numbers API.

    • GET /phone/numbers

  • Fixed a bug that allowed creation of duplicate sites with same site names.

    • POST /v2/phone/sites