The following changes were released on November 22, 2021:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the start_url in the Create a meeting API failed to start a meeting when the personal meeting ID (PMI) (use_pmi) was enabled.

    • GET /meetings/{meetingId}

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled meetings with a PMI do not display the start_url and join_url fields correctly in the Create meeting’s invite links Meetings API and the Meeting has been created and Meeting has been updated webhooks.

    • POST /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/invite_links

    • meeting.created

    • meeting.updated

  • Fixed an issue where the approval_type field returned the incorrect value when creating a meeting requiring registration in the Create a meeting Meetings API.

    • POST /v2/users/{userId}/meetings

  • Fixed an issue where a meeting’s duration could be a negative value in the Create a meeting and Update a meeting Meetings APIs.

    • POST /v2/users/{userId}/meetings

    • PATCH /v2/meetings/{meetingId}

  • Fix an issue where the decimal precision of the total field response by the Get telephone reports Reports API was 3 (it is now 4).

    • GET /v2/report/telephone

  • Fixed an issue where the operation log reported incorrect data when adding or removing assistants in the Add assistants, Delete a user assistant, and Delete user assistants Users APIs.

    • POST /v2/users/{userId}/assistants

    • DELETE /v2/users/{userId}/assistants/{assistantId}

    • DELETE /v2/users/{userId}/assistants