The following changes were released on September 20, 2021:

New APIs

We’ve added the following new APIs:


List group admins

  • GET /v2/groups/{groupId}/admins

Add group admins

  • POST /v2/groups/{groupId}/admins

Delete a group admin

  • DELETE /v2/groups/{groupId}/admins/{adminId}


Get upcoming events report

  • GET /v2/report/upcoming_events

SIP Connected Audio

Get SIP trunk configuration

  • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/sip_trunk/settings


Rate limit enhancements

For information about updated rate limiting, see our API rate limit enhancements release note.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where duplicate key error messages were thrown for the include_fields=registrant_id request parameter in the Get webinar participant reports and Get meeting participant reports APIs.

    • GET /v2/report/webinars/{webinarId}/participants

    • GET /v2/report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

  • Fixed issue that prevented removing the phone_numbers field in the Update a user API.

    • PATCH /v2/users/{userId}

  • Fixed issue where the pmi_password field would return an empty string in the Get user settings API.

    • GET /v2/users/{userId}/settings

  • Fixed the issue where the meeting_password_requirement field would not return in the Get settings and Get user settings API.

    • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/settings

    • GET /v2/users/{userId}/settings

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Get meeting poll reports API from returning the email field.

    • GET /v2/report/meetings/{meetingId}/polls

  • Fixed an issue where the Get a meeting, Update registrant's status, and List meetings APIs would create ZAK tokens that were used to host multiple meetings.

    • GET /v2/meetings/{meetingId}

    • PUT /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants/status

    • POST /v2/users/{userId}/meetings

  • Fixed issue where the Meeting Updated event was not triggering after updating a meeting’s registration and email settings.

  • Fixed issue where the Perform batch registration API would not send confirmation emails.

    • POST /v2/webinars/{webinarId}/batch_registrants