We have updated our iOS SDK to 4.4.57220.1211, which includes the following changes:


  • Add new interfaces for SDK initialization with JWT token.
    • @property (nullable, retain, nonatomic) NSString *jwtToken
  • Add new interfaces to access the virtual background.
    • The interfaces in MobileRTCMeetingService+VirtualBackground.h.
  • Add new interfaces and callbacks for minimizing/resuming meeting.
    • - (BOOL)showMinimizeMeetingFromZoomUIMeeting;
    • - (BOOL)backZoomUIMeetingFromMinimizeMeeting;
    • - (void)onSinkMeetingShowMinimizeMeetingOrBackZoomUI:(MobileRTCMinimizeMeetingState)state;
  • Add new interfaces for the Q&A feature in the webinar.
    • The interfaces in MobileRTCMeetingService+Webinar.h
  • Add a new interface to show/hide the "My Connected Time".
    • - (BOOL)showMyMeetingElapseTime;
    • - (void)enableShowMyMeetingElapseTime:(BOOL)enable;
  • Add a new interface for users to get the meeting password while in the meeting.
    • - (NSString *_Nullable)getMeetingPassword;
  • Add a callback to remind the user that free meeting will be ended in 10 minutes.
    • - (void)onFreeMeetingReminder: (BOOL)host canFreeUpgrade:(BOOL)freeUpgrade isFirstGift:(BOOL)first completion:(void (^_Nonnull)(BOOL upgrade))completion;

Changed & Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that the attendee cannot get the chat privilege.
  • Fixed an issue that the meeting restarts for a few times after pressing the end meeting button.

You may find the latest iOS SDK in our Github repo.
Happy Zooming!!