We are happy to announce that our iOS SDK has been updated to v5.4.54520.1229, and it is available in Zoom App Marketplace.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


  • Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.4.3, including but not limit to the following new features:

    • End-to-end(E2E) encryption
    • Enhanced gallery view for iPad
    • Improved experience for saving annotations on mobile
  • Added new interfaces to retrieve meeting type(regular meeting, breakout room, webinar).

    • The interface in MobileRTCMeetingService+InMeeting.h
      • - (MobileRTCMeetingType)getMeetingType;
  • Added new properties in MobileRTCMeetingUserInfo and MobileRTCMeetingWebinarAttendeeInfo

    • The interface in MobileRTCMeetingUserInfo.h
  @property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL             isMySelf;
  @property (nonatomic, assign) MobileRTCUserRole  userRole;
  @property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL             isInterpreter;
  @property (nonatomic, retain) NSString* _Nullable   interpreterActiveLanguage;
  • Added a new interface to check whether the reaction button is hidden

    • The interface in MobileRTCMeetingSettings.h
      • - (BOOL)reactionsOnMeetingUIHidden;
  • Added new interfaces and callbacks in PreMeetingService to get email content asynchronously.

    • The interface in MobileRTCPremeetingService.h
      • - (BOOL)asyncGetInviteEmailContent;
      • - (void)sinkGetInviteEmailContent:(PreMeetingError)result content:(NSString *_Nullable)content;
  • Added new interfaces for the emoji in reactions feature.

    • The interface in MobileRTCMeetingService+Reaction.h and MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h
      • - (BOOL)isEmojiReactionEnabled;
      • - (MobileRTCMeetError)sendEmojiReaction:(MobileRTCEmojiReactionType)type reactionSkinTone:(MobileRTCEmojiReactionSkinTone)skinTone;
      • - (void)onEmojiReactionReceived:(NSUInteger)userId reactionType:(MobileRTCEmojiReactionType)type reactionSkinTone:(MobileRTCEmojiReactionSkinTone)skinTone;
  • Added new interfaces to change skin tone of the reactions in Zoom UI.

    • The interface in MobileRTCMeetingSettings.h
      • - (MobileRTCMeetError)setReactionSkinTone:(MobileRTCEmojiReactionSkinTone)skinTone;
      • - (MobileRTCEmojiReactionSkinTone)reactionSkinTone;
  • Added Xcode 12 Support

  • Added the ability to show and to support reCaptcha.

Changed & Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that the in-meeting UI does not properly adjust and adapt the screen of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • Fixed an issue that the MobileRTCMeetingInterpreter and MobileRTCInterpretationLanguage can‘t find symbol when using Swift.
  • Fixed an issue that the interface handZoomWebUrl does not properly handle the user information in the URL when the meeting requires login.
  • Fixed an issue that the image does not present properly in Zoom UI when using the dark mode.
  • Disabled the pin/spotlight interfaces for Custom UI.
  • boUserID is now Nullable in - (BOOL)ignoreUserHelpRequest:(NSString * _Nullable)boUserId.


  • - (nullable NSArray *)getSupportedToolType;
  • - (nullable NSString*)getInviteEmailContent


  • The interface in MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h
    • - (void)OnRefreshQAData;

You may find the latest version of iOS SDK on the download page on App Marketplace (The same location as your SDK key & secret).

Should you have any questions while upgrading our SDK, please visit our Developer Forum and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!