• Add iOS 13 and iPad OS support (Based on iOS beta versions)
  • Add a new interface to hide the “Chat” button in Zoom UI
    • - (void)setMeetingChatHidden:(BOOL)hidden;
  • Add a new interface to disable “Gallery View” in the meeting
    • - (void)disableGalleryView:(BOOL)disabled;
  • Add a new callback for notifying the host when the host requires attendants to unmute microphone
    • - (void)onSinkMeetingAudioRequestUnmuteByHost;
  • Add a new parameter to presentMeetingChatViewController to allow passing userId and specify the person to chat with
    • - (BOOL)presentMeetingChatViewController:(nonnull UIViewController*)parentVC userId:(NSInteger)userId;
  • Add a new interface that allows users to modify default values to use handset mode
    • -(BOOL)speakerOffWhenInMeeting
    • -(void)setSpeakerOffWhenInMeeting:(BOOL)speakerOff

Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that sharing an invalid web URL will show black screen while in the meeting
  • Fixed an issue that sending the pairing code will lead to error
  • Fixed an issue that the video is turned off by default when starting a meeting with ZAK
  • Fixed an issue that the “Minimize Meeting” button is not shown in Zoom UI for non-login users
  • Improved the performance for sharing web pages in a meeting