The Video SDK version 1.2.0 includes the following updates to the JWT payload:

  • The user_identity field is now optional.

  • A new required field, role_type, is required for all users. It indicates the user’s role in a session; host or participant. You will get an invalid parameter error in the onError callback if this is not provided. This prevents a random participant from gaining host privileges if the host loses access. The role_type values are:

    • 0 — The user is a participant. Regular participants should be assigned this role.

    • 1 — The user is the host. If you want the original host of the session to be able to regain host privileges after leaving and rejoining the session, you should not assign this to more than one user per session. If the user with this role leaves the session and rejoins, they will regain host privileges.

See Generating JWT for details.