Developers! Greetings!
We are happy to announce that our Mac OS SDK has been updated to 5.0.24433.0616, and it is available in our Github repository.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


  • Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.0.
  • Added a new interface to modify the ‘meeting topic’ in the ‘meeting information’ page.
    • - (ZoomSDKError)setMeetingTopicOnMeetingInfo:(NSString *)topic" on ZoomSDKMeetingActionController.h
  • Added new options to hide the share button.
    • Added new enumeration value ToolBarShareButton
  • Added new interfaces to pause/resume the recording.
    • -(ZoomSDKError)pauseCloudRecording;
    • -(ZoomSDKError)resumeCloudRecording;
    • -(ZoomSDKError)pauseLocalRecording;
    • -(ZoomSDKError)resumeLocalRecording;
  • Added a new callback for the event when the username has changed
    • -(void)onUserNameChanged:(unsigned int)userid userName:(NSString *)userName;
  • Added new interfaces related to setting ‘Always show video preview when joining a video meeting’ feature.
    • - (BOOL)showVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting;
    • - (ZoomSDKError)isShowVideoPreviewWhenJoinMeeting:(BOOL)isShow;
  • Added new interfaces to check whether the PMI option is enabled on the account.
    • - (BOOL)isDisabledPMI.
  • Added new meeting fail reason
    • ZoomSDKMeetingError_RegisterWebinarDeniedEmail
  • Added a new interface to get audio status and audio type
    • - (ZoomSDKAudioStatus)getAudioStatus;
    • - (ZoomSDKAudioType)getAudioType;
  • Added new interfaces for switching between float video view to other views.
    • - (ZoomSDKError)switchFloatVideoToMinimizeMode;
    • - (ZoomSDKError)switchFloatVideoToWallMode;

Changed & Fixed:

  • Updated the ZoomAudioDevice.driver and removed ZoomAudioDevice.kext
  • Redefine the start/join meeting interfaces
    • -(ZoomSDKError)startMeeting:(ZoomSDKStartMeetingElements *)context;
    • -(ZoomSDKError)startMeetingWithZAK:(ZoomSDKStartMeetingUseZakElements *)context;
    • -(ZoomSDKError)joinMeeting:(ZoomSDKJoinMeetingElements *)context;
  • Fixed an issue that the share toolbar does not present for the remote controller.
  • Fixed an issue that the host/co-host cannot mute/unmute others.
  • Fixed an issue that the change user name interface does not work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that the user ID returns in the audio status callback are incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue that the “remember me” option is not working
  • Temporary remove the “Unmute all” interfaces.


  • - (BOOL)isAudioMuted
  • - (ZoomSDKError)minimizeShareFloatVideoWindow:(BOOL)bMin
  • - (ZoomSDKError)modifyWindowTitle:(BOOL)modify NewMeetingNum:(unsigned int)meetingnumber

You may find the latest version of Mac OS SDK in our Github repo.

Should you have any questions while upgrading our SDK, please visit our Developer Forum
and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!