Developers! Greetings!
We are happy to announce that our Mac OS SDK has been updated to v5.2.42039.1112, and it is available in our Github repository.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


  • Added new feature for supporting language interpreters within meetings. For more information regarding this feature, please visit

    • The interface in ZoomSDKInterpretationController.h
  • Added new interfaces to add/remove a video file as the virtual background.

    • - (ZoomSDKError)addBGVideo:(NSString*)filePath;
    • - (ZoomSDKError)removeBGVideo:(NSString*)filePath;
    • - (BOOL)isSupportSmartVirtualBackgroundVideo;
    • - (BOOL)isSupportGreenVirtualBackgroundVideo;
    • - (BOOL)isAllowAddNewVBItem;
    • - (BOOL)isAllowRemoveVBItem;
    • - (void)onVBVideoUploadedResult:(BOOL)success failedError:(ZoomSDKSettingVBVideoError)error;
  • Added a new interface to allow user to use the video filter feature.

  • - (BOOL)isVideoFilterEnabled;

  • - (BOOL)isSupportVideoFilter;

  • - (NSArray*)getVideoFilterItemList;

  • - (ZoomSDKError)useVideoFilterItem:(ZoomSDKVideoEffectType)type index:(int)index;

  • - (void)onVideoFilterItemDataDownloaded:(ZoomSDKVideoEffectType)type index:(int)index;

  • - (void)onVideoFilterItemDataNeedPrepare:(ZoomSDKVideoEffectType)type index:(int)index;

  • - (void)onVideoFilterItemDataReady:(BOOL)ready type:(ZoomSDKVideoEffectType)type index:(int)index;

  • Added new interfaces to configure video settings.

  • -(int)getBeautyFaceValue;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)setBeautyFaceValue:(int)value;

  • -(ZoomSDKSettingVideoLightAdaptionModel)getLightAdjustModel:(BOOL*)isDisabled;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)setLightAdaptionModel:(ZoomSDKSettingVideoLightAdaptionModel)model LightAdaptionManualValue:(int)value;

  • -(int)getLightAdaptionManualValue:(BOOL*)isDisabled;

  • -(BOOL)isHardwareAccelerationForVideoReceiveOn:(BOOL*)isDisabled;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)enableHardwareAccelerationForVideoReceive:(BOOL)enable;

  • -(BOOL)isTemporalDeNoiseOn:(BOOL*)isDisabled;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)enableTemporalDeNoise:(BOOL)enable;

  • Added new interfaces to use separate audio device to play ringtone simultaneously

  • -(BOOL)isAlwaysUseSeparateRingSpkOn:(BOOL*)isDisabled;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)enableAlwaysUseSeparateRingSpk:(BOOL)enable;

  • -(NSArray *)getRingSpkDeviceList;

  • -(float)getRingSpkVolume;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)setRingSpkVolume:(float)value;

  • -(ZoomSDKError)setRingSpkDevice:(NSString*)deviceId;

  • Added new callback to notify the end-user that their video subscription failed when using Custom Meeting UI

  • -(void)onCustomVideoSubscribeFail:(ZoomSDKVideoElement*)element error:(int)error;

  • Added a new interface for a button in the floating video view.

  • - (ZoomSDKError)pagingToPreOrNextViewWhenSharing:(BOOL)nextPage in ZoomSDKMeetingUIController.h file.

  • Added a new interface for SDK initialization.

  • - (ZoomSDKError)initSDKWithParams:(ZoomSDKInitParams*)initParams

  • Added a new interface to change the app’s appearance

  • - (ZoomSDKError)setUIAppearance:(ZoomSDKUIAppearance)appearance;

Changed && Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that the attendee can still hear chime when a participant joins the meeting even though the corresponding setting is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that the carStartShare method returns an incorrect result.


  • -(void)initSDK:(BOOL)customizedFlag

You may find the latest version of Mac OS SDK in our Github repo.

Should you have any questions while upgrading our SDK, please visit our Developer Forum
and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!