• New about_me, linkedin_url fields in the Users > Update a user API:

    • PATCH /v2/users/{userId}

  • Support for restricting the number of registrants in the Meetings > Add a meeting registrant API:

    • POST /v2/meetings/{meetingId}/registrants

  • New id field in the participant object in the Meetings > Waiting participant left meeting before host joined webhook event:

    • meeting.participant_jbh_waiting_left

  • Support for returning the additional plan info for Quality Streaming Service in the Billing > Get account plan information API:

    • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/plans

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that returns the incorrect userCreateTime value in the following Users API:

    • GET /v2/users

    • GET /v2/users/{userId}

  • Fixed a bug in the Meetings > Get past meeting participants API that fails to return one-person meetings even if the Show one person meetings and webinars on Dashboard and Reports option is enabled:

    • GET /v2/past_meetings/{meetingId}/participants

  • Fixed a bug where the query range is not correct for upcoming events in the Reports > Get upcoming events report API:

    • GET /v2/report/upcoming_events

  • Fixed a bug where the query parameter exclude_child_message = true failed to work with the include_deleted_and_edited_message = true parameter for Chat Messages > List user’s chat messages API:

    • GET /v2/chat/users/{userId}/messages