Breaking change

  • Interface change in InMeetingServiceListener:

    • void onSpotlightVideoChanged(boolean on) is deprecated, replaced by void onSpotlightVideoChanged(List<Long> userList)


  • New interface to allow the user to disable the new whiteboard feature.

    • New interface in MeetingSettingsHelper

      void enableCloudWhiteboard(boolean enable);
  • New callback to notify when a reaction is received in a Webinar.

    • New callback in IEmojiReactionControllerEvent

      void onEmojiReactionReceivedInWebinar(SDKEmojiReactionType type);
  • New interfaces and callback to support setting the chat privilege of a panelist.

    • New interfaces in InMeetingChatController

      MobileRTCSDKError setPanelistChatPrivilege(MobileRTCWebinarPanelistChatPrivilege privilege);
      MobileRTCWebinarPanelistChatPrivilege getPanelistChatPrivilege();
    • New enum in InMeetingChatController

      enum MobileRTCWebinarPanelistChatPrivilege
    • New callback in InMeetingServiceListener

      void onSinkPanelistChatPrivilegeChanged(InMeetingChatController.MobileRTCWebinarPanelistChatPrivilege privilege)

Changed & Fixed

  • Support new breakout room behavior introduced in the Zoom app v5.10.6.

    • Supported features:

      • Add support for all share types that are supported in the main session, such as multi-share, enable original sound, video optimization, etc.

      • Annotation

      • Remote control

      • Reclaim host

      • Ask all to unmute, mute all for host/co-host

      • Reaction

      • Mute/unmute audio or video, join/leave audio

      • Call in/call me

      • Local recording

      • In-meeting chat

      • Pin a user, allow multi-pin

      • Rename

      • Lower all hands for host/co-host

      • Turn on/off original sound

      • Waiting room (only allow admit to meeting)

    • Unsupported features:

      • Call out

      • Call H.323 device

      • Cloud recording

      • Change chat privilege

      • Spotlight

      • Set video order

      • Close caption

  • Open hardware compatibility to support 720P.

  • Fixed an issue where the mini window could not move to the screen edge when screen orientation changed.

  • Fixed an issue where the the annotation in screen share was not working when the develop option 'do not keep activities' was enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the Bluetooth audio was not working.

  • Fixed an issue where using getUser API returned a NullPointerException.


  • Deprecated interface in InMeetingServiceListener.

    void onSpotlightVideoChanged(boolean on)