• New interface to append customized shared item and hide any shared item.

    • New interface in ICustomShareOptionItem

      String getTitle()
      int getIconResId()
      IShareOptionAction getAction()
    • New interface in ICustomShareOptionItem$IShareOptionAction

      void onClick(Context context, ICustomShareOptionItem optionItem)
    • New interface in ShareOptions

      int SHARE_IMAGE = 0;
      int SHARE_WEB_URL = 1;
      int SHARE_BOOKMARK = 2;
      int SHARE_DOCUMENT = 3;
      int SHARE_SCREEN = 4;
      int SHARE_CAMERA = 5;
      int SHARE_WHITEBOARD = 6;
    • New interface in ZoomUIService

      void setHideShareOptions(List<Integer> shareOptions);
      void setCustomShareOptions(List<ICustomShareOptionItem> optionItemList);        
  • New interface to support getting the available spoken languages for the interpreter.

    • New callback in IMeetingInterpretationControllerEvent

      void onInterpreterLanguagesUpdated(List<IInterpretationLanguage>  availableLanguages)   
    • New interface in IMeetingInterpretationController

      List<IInterpretationLanguage> getInterpreterAvailableLanguages();
      MobileRTCSDKError setInterpreterListenLan(int languageID);
      int getInterpreterListenLan();  
  • New interface to check whether the translated captions is enabled.

    • New interface in IMeetingLiveTranscriptionController

      boolean isTextLiveTranslationEnabled();
  • New interface to give each user a unique user ID in the main meeting and in or out of Breakout Room (BO) rooms. Please note that this ID is only persistent during the current meeting, the ID will be discarded once the meeting is over.

    • New interface in IMeetingUserInfo

      String getPersistentId();
  • New interface to add the ability to send screen sharing raw data.

    • New interface in ZoomSDK

      public ZoomSDKShareSourceHelper getShareSourceHelper()
    • New interface in ZoomSDKShareSender

      MobileRTCSDKError sendShareFrame(ByteBuffer frameBuffer, int width, int height, int frameLength);   
    • New interface in ZoomSDKShareSource

      void onStartSend(ZoomSDKShareSender sender);
      void onStopSend();
    • New interface in ZoomSDKShareSourceHelper

      MobileRTCSDKError setExternalShareSource(ZoomSDKShareSource source);
  • Add device test support in Zoom default UI.

Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the SDK app crashes with NullPointerException in Firebase.

  • The behavior of getAvailableLanguageList in IMeetingInterpretationController has changed. The interpreter can no longer get availableLanguageList now.