• New interface to control waiting room configuration for customized user interface.

    • New interface in InMeetingWaitingRoomController

      void onWaitingRoomCustomizeDataInfoUpdated(WaitingRoomCustomizeData bData)
      MobileRTCSDKError requestCustomWaitingRoomData()
    • New callback in InMeetingWaitingRoomListener

      void onCustomWaitingRoomDataUpdated(CustomWaitingRoomData bData, IWaitingRoomDataDownloadHandler handler)
    • New interface in IWaitingRoomDataDownloadHandler

      boolean Retry()
      void Ignore();
    • New enum in WaitingRoomLayoutType

    • New enum in CustomWaitingRoomData

    • New interface in WaitingRoomCustomizeData

      String getTitle()
      String getDescription()
      String getLogoPath()
      String getVideoPath()
      WaitingRoomLayoutType getType()
      WaitingRoomCustomizeDataStatus getStatus()
  • New interface to allow non-host SDK participants to manage (start or stop) live streaming.

    • New interface in InMeetingLiveStreamController

      boolean isRawLiveStreamSupported()
      MobileRTCSDKError canStartRawLiveStream()
      MobileRTCSDKError requestRawLiveStream(String broadcastURL)
      MobileRTCSDKError removeRawLiveStreamPrivilege(long userId)
      List<RawLiveStreamInfo> getRawLivingInfoList()
      List<Long> getRawLiveStreamPrivilegeUserList()
    • New callback in InMeetingLiveStreamController

      void onRawLiveStreamPrivilegeChanged(boolean bHasPrivilege)
      void onRawLiveStreamPrivilegeRequestTimeout()
      void onUserRawLiveStreamPrivilegeChanged(long userId, boolean bHasPrivilege)
      void onRequestRawLiveStreamPrivilegeRequested(RequestRawLiveStreamPrivilegeHandler handler)
      void onUserRawLiveStreamingStatusChanged(List<RawLiveStreamInfo> liveStreamList)
    • New callback in RequestRawLiveStreamPrivilegeHandler

      String getRequestId()
      long getRequesterId()
      String getRequesterName()
      String getBroadcastUrl()
      MobileRTCSDKError grantRawLiveStreamPrivilege()
      MobileRTCSDKError denyRawLiveStreamPrivilege()
    • New callback in RawLiveStreamInfo

      long getUserId() 
      String getBroadcastUrl()
    • New interface in InMeetingUserInfo

      boolean isRawLiveStreaming();
      boolean hasRawLiveStreamPrivilege();
    • New error code to check whether the current meeting supports this feature.

  • New interface to uninitialize Meeting SDK.

    • New interface in ZoomSDK

      void unInitialize()
  • New interface to support 3D avatars in Meeting SDK.

    • New interface in ZoomSDK

      I3DAvatarSettingContext get3DAvatarSettings()
    • New interface in I3DAvatarSettingContext

      void setEvent(I3DAvatarSettingContextEvent pEvent)
      boolean is3DAvatarSupportedByDevice()
      boolean is3DAvatarEnabled()
      List<I3DAvatarImageInfo> get3DAvatarImageList()
      MobileRTCSDKError set3DAvatarImage(I3DAvatarImageInfo pImage)
    • New interface in I3DAvatarImageInfo

      boolean isSelected()
      String getImageFilePath()
      String getImageName()
      int getIndex()
    • New callbacks in I3DAvatarSettingContextEvent

      void on3DAvatarItemDataDownloading(int index);
      void on3DAvatarItemDataDownloaded(boolean bSuccess, int index);
  • New callback for switching breakout rooms (BO).

    • New callback in InMeetingBOControllerListener

      void onBOSwitchRequestReceived(String strNewBOName, String strNewBOID)
  • New enum in SharingStatus.



  • Added a disclaimer to let customers know their content will be analyzed for Zoom IQ.

  • Changed the meeting SDK conference toolbar to be the same with the latest conference toolbar.


  • Issue where the SDK couldn't receive the onSharingStatus callback when calling StartSharePureComputerAudio.

  • Issue where the SDK couldn't receive breakout room callbacks in customized user interface for the first meeting.

  • Issue where the Sample App would crash, caused by SharedPreference.

  • Issue where, when the host added themself as interpreter and started interpreting, meeting participants did not receive the callback onInterpreterActiveLanguageChanged in customized UI mode.