Breaking Changes

  • minSdkVersion has upgraded to version 23.


  • New interface to support stoping all participant’s incoming video in InMeetingVideoController

    boolean isStopIncomingVideoSupported()
    boolean isIncomingVideoStopped()
    MobileRTCSDKError stopIncomingVideo(boolean bStop)
  • New interface to support stoping all participant’s incoming audio in InMeetingAudioController

    boolean isIncomingAudioStopped()
    MobileRTCSDKError stopIncomingAudio(boolean bStop)
  • New interface to receive original and translated content

    • New interface in InMeetingLiveTranscriptionController

      MobileRTCSDKError enableReceiveSpokenLanguageContent(boolean bEnable)
      boolean isReceiveSpokenLanguageContentEnabled()
    • New added live transcription operation type in MobileRTCLiveTranscriptionOperationType

  • New interface and callback to ask and receive local recording privilege.

    • New callback in InMeetingServiceListener

      void onLocalRecordingPrivilegeRequested(IRequestLocalRecordingPrivilegeHandler handler)
    • New interface in IRequestLocalRecordingPrivilegeHandler

      String getRequestId()
      long getRequesterId()
      String getRequesterName()
      MobileRTCSDKError grantLocalRecordingPrivilege()
      MobileRTCSDKError denyLocalRecordingPrivilege()
  • New interface to support hiding self video view in ZoomUIService

    MobileRTCSDKError enableHideSelfView(boolean bEnable)
    boolean isHideSelfViewEnabled()
  • New added interface to show avatar in InMeetingVideoController

    MobileRTCSDKError showAvatar(boolean show)
    boolean isShowAvatar()

Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue when clicking the minimize meeting button the App would crash.

  • Fixed an issue when calling interface enableCloudWhiteboard before meeting, there is not any effect.