• New interface to improve the pre-join experience by merging currently separated join-before-host and waiting room screens into a single waiting screen.

    • New interfaces in MobileRTCWaitingRoomService.h

      - (BOOL)isVideoEnabledInWaitingRoom;
      - (BOOL)isVideoEnabledInWaitingRoom;
    • New callbacks in MobileRTCWaitingRoomService.h

      - (void)onWaitingRoomPresetAudioStatusChanged:(BOOL)audioCanTurnOn;
      - (void)onWaitingRoomPresetVideoStatusChanged:(BOOL)videoCanTurnOn;

Changes & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the active share view couldn’t render as expected while joining a meeting that already had screen sharing.

  • Fixed an issue that the callback oninterpreteractivatelanguagechanged hadn’t been triggered when starting interpretation under custom UI.