New interface to improve the pre-join experience by merging currently separated join-before-host and waiting room screens into a single waiting screen.

  • New interfaces in IMeetingWaitingRoomController

    virtual bool IsAudioEnabledInWaitingRoom() = 0;
    virtual bool IsVideoEnabledInWaitingRoom() = 0;
  • New callbacks in IMeetingWaitingRoomEvent

    virtual void onWaitingRoomPresetAudioStatusChanged(bool bAudioCanTurnOn) = 0;
    virtual void onWaitingRoomPresetVideoStatusChanged( bool bVideoCanTurnOn) = 0;
  • New interfaces to implement enable/disable annotation feature for custom UI mode.

    • New interfaces in ICustomizedAnnotationObj

      virtual SDKError DisableViewerAnnotation(bool bDisable) = 0;
      virtual SDKError CanDisableViewerAnnotation(bool& bCan) = 0;
      virtual bool IsViewerAnnotationDisabled() = 0;

Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that the interface GetMeetingUIWnd can’t get the Windows handle of the webinar.

  • Fixed an issue where the recording consent dialog would not automatically close when rejoining the meeting.

  • Fixed an issue where the recording reminder dialog showed up when users were in the waiting room

  • Fixed an issue that the callback OnInterpreterActiveLanguageChanged hadn’t been triggered when starting interpretation under custom UI.

  • Fixed an issue that the wrong password callback didn’t been triggered when user enable to show the wrong password dialog.

  • Fixed an issue when a user joined a meeting with direct share; the screen wasn’t shared after joining.

  • Fixed the incorrect return values of CanSpotlight& CanUnSpotlight.

  • Fixed an issue that the App would crash under customUI when getting callback of host ask unmute audio then invoke cancel interface.

  • Fixed an issue that the App would crash when users left the meeting.


1. Removed all the interfaces in embedded_browser_interface.h