Breaking changs

  • - (BOOL)lowerAllHand; changed to
    - (BOOL)lowerAllHand:(BOOL)isWebinarAttendee;

  • - (void)onLocalRecordingStatus:(MobileRTCRecordingStatus)status; changed to
    - (void)onLocalRecordingStatus:(NSInteger)userId status:(MobileRTCRecordingStatus)status;

  • Kubi is no longer supported


  • Get current cloud recording status

    • New interface in MobileRTCMeetingService+InMeeting.h:

      - (MobileRTCRecordingStatus)getCloudRecordingStatus;
  • Allow API users to customize the polling link

    • New interface in MobileRTCMeetingService+Customize.h:

      - (BOOL)setCustomizedPollingUrl:(nullable NSString *)pollingURL bCreate:(BOOL)bCreate;
  • Reclaim host

    • New interface in MobileRTCMeetingService+User.h:

      - (BOOL)reclaimHost;
  • Lowering all hands

    • New callback in MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h:

      - (void)onSinkLowerAllHands;
  • Local video order changes

    • New callback in MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h:

      - (void)onLocalVideoOrderUpdated:(NSArray <NSNumber*>* _Nullable)localOrderArr;
  • Cohost changes

    • New callback in MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h:

      - (void)onMeetingCoHostChange:(NSUInteger)userID isCoHost:(BOOL)isCoHost;
  • Disable the ability to clear the cache of WebKit. The default value is NO.

    • New interface in MobileRTCMeetingSettings.h:

      - (void)disableClearWebKitCache:(BOOL)disabled;
      - (BOOL)isDisabledClearWebKitCache;
  • Enriching MobileRTCMeetingWebinarAttendeeInfo object properties

    • New interface in MobileRTCMeetingUserInfo.h:

      @property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL             handRaised;
      @property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL             isAttendeeCanTalk;
      @property (nonatomic, retain) MobileRTCAudioStatus* _Nonnull audioStatus;


  • Support for including SDK in a pod.


  • Issue where removing users in the webinar won't receive callbacks.

  • Issue where the webinar attendees can't get self user info. 

  • Issue where the host won't receive the callback when renaming an attendee in webinars. 

  • Issue where the user cannot receive a callback after lowerAllHand has been called. 


  • - (void)onSinkUserNameChanged:(NSUInteger)userID userName:(NSString *_Nonnull)userName DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE;
    replace with:
    - (void)onSinkUserNameChanged:(NSArray <NSNumber*>* _Nullable)userNameChangedArr;

  • - (void)onMeetingCoHostChange:(NSUInteger)cohostId DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE;
    replace with:
    - (void)onMeetingCoHostChange:(NSUInteger)userID isCoHost:(BOOL)isCoHost;