• New interface to support stoping all participant’s incoming audio in MobileRTCMeetingService+Audio.h

    - (BOOL)isIncomingAudioStopped;
    - (MobileRTCSDKError)stopIncomingAudio:(BOOL)enabled;
  • New interface to support stoping all participant’s incoming video in MobileRTCMeetingService+Video.h

    - (MobileRTCSDKError)stopIncomingVideo:(BOOL)enable;
    - (BOOL)isIncomingVideoStoped;
  • New interface to support hiding participant’s view who’s not opening their video view or self video view in MobileRTCMeetingSettings.h

    - (void)setHideNoVideoUsersEnabled:(BOOL)enabled;
    - (BOOL)isHideNoVideoUsersEnabled;
    - (void)enableHideSelfView:(BOOL)isHidden;
    - (BOOL)isHideSelfViewEnabled
  • New interface and callback to ask and receive local recording privilege in MobileRTCMeetingService+InMeeting.h

    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKSSLCertificateInfo

      - (NSString * _Nullable)getRequestId;
      - (NSInteger)getRequesterId;
      - (NSString * _Nullable)getRequesterName;
      - (MobileRTCSDKError)grantLocalRecordingPrivilege;
      - (MobileRTCSDKError)denyLocalRecordingPrivilege;
    • New callback to permission for record in MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h

      - (void)onRequestLocalRecordingPrivilegeReceived:(MobileRTCRequestLocalRecordingPrivilegeHandler * _Nullable)handler; 
  • New interface to receive original and translated content in MobileRTCMeetingService+LiveTranscription.h

    - (MobileRTCSDKError)enableReceiveSpokenlLanguageContent:(BOOL)enabled;
    - (BOOL)isReceiveSpokenLanguageContentEnabled;
  • New MobileRTCLiveTranscriptionOperationType  in MobileRTC/MobileRTCConstants.h

  • Added support for arm64 simulator.


  • The view drawing engine has changed from OpenGL to Metal.

  • Fixed an issue when adding web page to your bookmark during the meeting, those web page would not be saved in the bookmark list.


  • Delete unused images in the SDK bundle.