• New interfaces to streaming to raw to access "downstream" raw audio and video streams

    • New interfaces in ZoomSDKLiveStreamHelper

      -(ZoomSDKError)startRawLiveStream:(NSString *)broadcastURL;
  • New interface to get chat privilege of the user.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKMeetingActionController

      -(ZoomSDKChatStatus *)getChatStatus;
  • New interfaces to provide live translation methods and extend live transcription to support multiple languages in Custom UI

    • New interface class named ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage defined in ZoomSDKCloseCaptionController.h

      @property(nonatomic, assign, readonly) int languageID;
      @property(nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* languageName;
    • New callback in ZoomSDKCloseCaptionControllerDelegate

      (void)onLiveTranscriptionMsgError:(ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage*)spokenLanguage transcriptLanguage:(ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage*)transcriptLanguage;
    • New interfaces in ZoomSDKCloseCaptionController

      - (BOOL)isMultiLanguageTranscriptionEnabled;
      - (ZoomSDKError)enableMeetingManualCaption:(BOOL)bEnable;
      - (BOOL)isMeetingManualCaptionEnabled;
      - (NSArray<ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage*>*)getAvailableMeetingSpokenLanguages;
      - (ZoomSDKError)setMeetingSpokenLanguage:(int)languageID;
      - (ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage*)getMeetingSpokenLanguage;
      - (NSArray<ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage*>*)getAvailableTranslationLanguages;
      - (ZoomSDKError)setTranslationLanguage:(int)languageID;
      - (ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionLanguage*)getTranslationLanguage;
    • Add new enum values to enum named ZoomSDKLiveTranscriptionStaus in ZoomSDKErrors.h

  • Support Xcode 13.4 and new build system.


  • The slider value scope of Adjust for low light from 0-255 to 0-100.


  • Issue where the deprecated delegate methods were still required to be implemented.

    • The deprecated interfaces defined in ZoomSDKMeetingActionControllerDelegate are marked as optional:

      - (void)onCoHostChange:(unsigned int)userID;
      - (void)onUserNameChanged:(unsigned int)userid userName:(NSString *)userName;
      - (void)onCustomVideoSubscribeFail:(ZoomSDKVideoElement*)element error:(int)error;
  • The interface defined in ZoomSDKMeetingRecordDelegate is marked as deprecated:

    - (void)onRecordStatus:(ZoomSDKRecordingStatus)status;
  • Issue where startBO was not able to be called when no users were assigned.

  • Issue where the webinar attendee did not have the permission to use GetParticipantsChatPrivilege.

  • Issue where the callback onCustomizedRecordingSourceReceived was not being triggered when the local recording had started.

  • Issue where the return value of isQALegalNoticeAvailable was incorrect.

  • Issue where the return value of isLiveTranscriptLegalNoticeAvailable was incorrect.

  • Issue where the recording stopped callback was not being triggered for the host when the host started the local recording and then joined a breakout room (BO).