• New interface to support UI legal notice for sharing in-meeting chat to an existing channel.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKMeetingActionController

    • New callback in ZoomSDKMeetingActionControllerDelegate

      - (void)onShareMeetingChatStatusChanged:(BOOL)isStart;
  • New interface to support customized cloud whiteboard UI.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKMeetingConfiguration

      @property(nonatomic, assign)BOOL hideCloudWhiteboardFeedbackButton;
      @property(nonatomic, assign)BOOL hideCloudWhiteboardShareButton;
    • New interface in ZoomSDKMeetingUIController

      - (ZoomSDKError)setCloudWhiteboardFeedbackUrl:(NSString*)feedbackUrl;
  • New interface to support sending raw audio data.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKRawDataController

    • New interface in ZoomSDKRawDataAudioSourceController

      (ZoomSDKError)setExternalAudioSource:(id <ZoomSDKVirtualAudioMicDelegate> _Nullable)audioMicDelegate;
    • New interface in ZoomSDKAudioRawDataSender

      (ZoomSDKError)send:(char*)data dataLength:(unsigned int)length sampleRate:(int)rate;
    • New callback in ZoomSDKVirtualAudioMicDelegate

      - (void)onMicInitialize:(ZoomSDKAudioRawDataSender*)rawdataSender;
      - (void)onMicStartSend;
      - (void)onMicStopSend;
      - (void)onMicUninitialized;
  • New interface to access raw meeting audio and video data that provides additional flexibility in controlling how the meeting voice and video are archived.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKMeetingService

    • New interface in ZoomSDKRawArchivingController:

      - (ZoomSDKError)startRawArchiving;
      - (ZoomSDKError)stopRawArchiving;
  • New interface to support sharing stereo audio from the SDK.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKMeetingService

       - (ZoomSDKError)setAudioShareMode:(ZoomSDKAudioShareMode)mode;
       - (ZoomSDKError)getAudioShareMode:(ZoomSDKAudioShareMode*)mode;
    • New enum in ZoomSDKErrors

  • New parameters join_token to support joining Zoom Event meetings in ZoomSDKJoinMeetingElements.

  Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the SDK interface allows deleting the last interpreter, which behaves differently compared to the Zoom client.

  • Fixed issue that the function onSelectedMicDeviceChanged has not been triggered when the user switches the same device from Same as System to choosing that device.

  • Fixed issue where calling interface raiseHand without the correct UserId will return success.

  • Fixed issue where calling interface setShareSettingType with the parameter type to ShareSettingType_None will return success.

Fixed issue when removing the added virtual background item, the interface returns success but it does not apply the previous virtual background item automatically.


  • Deprecated the interface (ZoomSDKError)startCMR:(BOOL)start in ZoomSDKMeetingActionController, it performs the same with (ZoomSDKError)startCloudRecording:(BOOL)start

  • Delete ZoomSDKMeetingStatus_WaitExternalSessionKey in ZoomSDKMeetingStatus because S_CONF_WAITING_EXTERNAL_SESSION_KEY is deprecated in the Zoom client.

  •  Deprecated the interface (ZoomSDKError)sendEmojiReaction:(ZoomSDKEmojiReactionType)type reactionSkinTone:(ZoomSDKEmojiReactionSkinTone)skinTone, use (ZoomSDKError)sendEmojiReaction:(ZoomSDKEmojiReactionType)type; instead.