• New interface to give each user a unique user ID in the main meeting and in or out of Breakout Room (BO) rooms. This ID is only persistent during the current meeting; the ID will be discarded once the meeting is over.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKUserInfo

      - (NSString *)getPersistentId;
  • Ability to send screen sharing raw data.

    • New interface class named ZoomSDKShareSender defined in ZoomSDKRawDataShareSourceController.h

      - (ZoomSDKError)sendShareFrame:(char*)frameBuffer width:(unsigned int)width height:(unsigned int)height frameLength:(unsigned int)frameLength;
    • New interface class named ZoomSDKRawDataShareSourceController defined in ZoomSDKRawDataShareSourceController.h

      - (ZoomSDKError)setExternalShareSource:(id <ZoomSDKShareSourceDelegate>)shareSource;
    • New protocol class named ZoomSDKShareSourceDelegate in ZoomSDKRawDataShareSourceController.h

      - (void)onStartSend:(ZoomSDKShareSender*)sender;
      - (void)onStopSend;
    • New interface in ZoomSDKRawDataController

      - (ZoomSDKError)getRawDataShareSourceHelper:(ZoomSDKRawDataShareSourceController**)shareRawDataSendHelper;
  • New interface to check whether the translated captions are enabled.

    • New interface in ZoomSDKCloseCaptionController

      - (BOOL)isTextLiveTranslationEnabled;
  • Support annotation tool type with stamp, semi fill, text, and picker.

    • Add New Enum Values to Enum Named AnnotationToolType in ZoomSDKErrors.h

  • New interfaces to IMeetingInterpretationController to fit the new Zoom meeting UI.

    • New callback in ZoomSDKInterpretationControllerDelegate

    • New interfaces in ZoomSDKInterpretationController

      -(NSArray <ZoomSDKInterpretationLanguageInfo*>*)getInterpreterAvailableLanguages;
  • Add device test support in Zoom default UI.

Changed & Fixed

  • Upgrade the minimum supported Xcode version to 10.10.

  • Fixed an issue where the interpreter does not have default active language when assigned in Custom UI mode.

  • Fixed an issue where switching back to previously used domain results in failure.

  • Fixed an issue that pinning a pinned user returns incorrect value.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onUnAssignedUserUpdated is not being triggered after calling the interface AssignUserToBO or RemoveUserFromBO

  • Removed the requirement of having a camera in order to use the raw data feature.

  • Delete the callback logic onMeetingStatusChange with the error ZoomSDKMeetingError_PasswordError when the password is incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where the SDK crashes after constantly grabbing the share and then annotating between the current user and other users.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onAnnotationStatusChanged is not being triggered when stopping screen sharing.

  • Fixed an issue where the status AnnotationStatus_None is being returned constantly in onAnnotationStatusChanged callback while doing annotation.

  • Fixed an issue where the attendee is receiving the lowerHand callback

  • Fixed an issue where the user in the waiting room could receive onLiveTranscriptionStatus callback.