• Support for mobile browsers (further style optimizations forthcoming).

  • Support for joining computer audio on desktop Safari.

  • Virtual background support.

  • API to decorate and customize the meeting invite URL on the frontend.

  • Statistics for meeting audio and video data.

  • Support for tr-TR(Turkey-Türkçe) and pl-PL(Poland-Polski) languages.


  • Audio delays and distortion on Safari 15.4.

  • Issue where the customer_key would be returned as empty during failover, and when users were admitted to meetings.

Client View



  • Issue where the copied meeting invitation would not show the right URL when customized.

  • Issue where the participant’s name would sometimes be pushed to the top of the screen.

  • Issue where the “Request Remote Control” option was not shown in “View Options”.

Component View



  • Issue where CSS with certain names would be overwritten.

  • Issue where global Material UI styles with certain names would be overwritten in the <head> tag.