• New interfaces and callbacks for deleting in-meeting chat.

    • In meeting_chat_interface.h

      typedef enum
         virtual const wchar_t* GetMessageID() = 0;
         virtual void onChatMsgDeleteNotification(const wchar_t* msgID, SDKChatMessageDeleteType deleteBy) = 0;
         virtual bool IsChatMessageCanBeDeleted(const wchar_t* msgID) = 0;
         virtual SDKError DeleteChatMessage(const wchar_t* msgID) = 0;
         virtual IList<const wchar_t*>* GetAllChatMessageID() = 0;
  • New callback for when the meeting video quality changes.

    • New enums in meeting_video_interface.h

      enum VideoConnectionQuality
      	VideoConnectionQuality_Unknown = 0,
    • New callback

      virtual void onUserVideoQualityChanged(VideoConnectionQuality quality, unsigned int userid) = 0;
  • New interface for share view options.

    • In meeting_service_interface.h

      enum SDKShareViewZoomRatio
    • In meeting_sharing_interface.h

      virtual SDKError SwitchZoomRatioWhenViewShare(unsigned int userid, SDKShareViewZoomRatio shareViewZoomRatio) = 0;
      virtual SDKError EnableFollowPresenterPointerWhenViewShare(unsigned int userid, bool bEnable) = 0;
  • New interfaces to enable “always user original size video” feature.

    • In setting_service_interface.h

      virtual SDKError EnableAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo(bool bEnable) = 0;
      virtual bool IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo() = 0;
  • Added Polish and Turkish support.


  • Issue where StartShareCamera was not working properly.

  • Issue where the share renderer was not able to be destroyed when another SDK user left the meeting while sharing.

  • Issue where the SDK user could not get the callback onUserAudioStatusChanged when the attendee connected to or disconnected from the audio in a webinar.

  • Issue where the return value of StartInterpretation was incorrect.

  • Issue when the co-host was in Breakout Room 1(BO1) and the host joined BO1 then left, the co-host called GetBOUserByUserID and still got the host's user info as the host id was cached.

  • Issue when the SDK user was a co-host and calling the ignoreUserHelpRequest always returned a failure.

  • Issue where the getJoinedLanguageID interface returned incorrect error code.

  • Issue where the reaction feature was not working in the webinar.

  • Issue where the host could not update or view the share screenshot setting in BO.

  • Issue where the user could not get the ID of the selected system default microphone and speaker.

  • Issue where the SDK could not render the shared content when joining a meeting with someone else already sharing in the Zoom UI.

  • Issue where the behavior of the host when dismissing a question was inconsistent compared to the Zoom client.

  • Issue where the permission was incorrect when upvoting or revoking the upvoted questions.

  • Issue where the webinar attendee could not save the closed caption.

  • Issue where the host could not end the meeting in BO.

  • Issue where the webinar panelist could not leave the meeting while in the waiting room.

  • Issue where the SDK could not spotlight 2 videos.

  • Issue where the “Continue” and “Leave” button in the recording consent window were black in Custom UI.

  • Issue where the isLiveTranscriptLegalNoticeAvailable and isQALegalNoticeAvailable returned inconsistent values to the users in the waiting room.


  • Deprecated the interface SwitchToOriginalSizeModeWhenViewShare in meeting_sharing_interface.h.

  • Deprecated the interface EnableAlwaysUse16v9 and IsAlwaysUse16v9 in setting_service_interface.h.