Breaking change



  • New interfaces to access raw meeting audio/video data and provide additional flexibility in controlling how the meeting voice and video are archived.

    • New interfaces in IMeetingRawArchivingController

      virtual SDKError StartRawArchiving() = 0;  
      virtual SDKError StopRawArchiving() = 0;
  • New interfaces and callback to support sending raw audio.

    • New interface in IZoomSDKAudioRawDataHelper

      virtual SDKError setExternalAudioSource(IZoomSDKVirtualAudioMic* pSource) = 0;
    • New interface in IZoomSDKAudioRawDataSender

      virtual SDKError send(char* data, unsigned int data_length, int sample_rate) = 0;
    • New callback in IZoomSDKVirtualAudioMic

      virtual void onMicInitialize(IZoomSDKAudioRawDataSender* pSender) = 0;
      virtual void onMicStartSend() = 0;
      virtual void onMicStopSend() = 0;
      virtual void onMicUninitialized() = 0;
  • New interface to support customization for cloud whiteboard.

    • New interface in IMeetingUIElemConfiguration

      virtual void HideCloudWhiteboardFeedbackButton(bool bHide) = 0;
      virtual void HideCloudWhiteboardShareButton(bool bHide) = 0;
    • New interface in IMeetingUIController

      virtual SDKError SetCloudWhiteboardFeedbackUrl(const wchar_t* feedbackURL) = 0;
  • New interface and callback to share in-meeting chat to the existing channel for Custom UI.

    • New interface in IMeetingChatController

      virtual bool IsShareMeetingChatLegalNoticeAvailable() = 0;
      virtual const wchar_t* GetShareMeetingChatStartedLegalNoticeContent() = 0; 
      virtual const wchar_t* GetShareMeetingChatStoppedLegalNoticeContent() = 0;
    • New callback in IMeetingChatCtrlEvent

      virtual void onShareMeetingChatStatusChanged(bool isStart) = 0;
  • New interface and enum to share stereo audio.

    • New interface in IZMMeetingBridgeShareHelper

      virtual ZMMeetingBridgeErrors SetAudioShareMode(SSB_MC_AUDIO_SHARE_MODE mode) = 0;
      virtual ZMMeetingBridgeErrors GetAudioShareMode(SSB_MC_AUDIO_SHARE_MODE& mode) = 0;
    • New enum in meeting_sharing_interface.h

      enum AudioShareMode
      AudioShareMode_Mono, ///Mono mode.
      AudioShareMode_Stereo ///Stereo mode
    • New parameters join_token to support joining Zoom Event meetings in struct JoinParam4WithoutLogin and JoinParam4NormalUser.

Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the SDK interface allows deleting the last interpreter, which behaves differently compared to the Zoom client.

  • Fixed issue where passing NULL to function StartMonitorShare to auto-select the primary monitor didn’t work correctly. 

  • Fixed issue where the function onSelectedMicDeviceChanged was not being triggered when user switch from Same as System to choosing the device which is the same as system.

  • Fixed an issue where the error SDKRawDataError_SEND_TOO_FREQUENTLY was not returned correctly.