• New interfaces to add the ability to send screen sharing raw data.

    • New interface in zoom_rasdata_api.h

      SDK_API IZoomSDKShareSourceHelper*  GetRawdataShareSourceHelper();
    • New classes in rawdata_share_source_helper_interface.h

      class IZoomSDKShareSender
        virtual ~IZoomSDKShareSender() {}
        virtual SDKError sendShareFrame(char* frameBuffer, int width, int height, int frameLength) = 0;
      class IZoomSDKShareSource
        virtual ~IZoomSDKShareSource() {}
        virtual void onStartSend(IZoomSDKShareSender* pSender) = 0;
        virtual void onStopSend() = 0;
      class IZoomSDKShareSourceHelper
        virtual ~IZoomSDKShareSourceHelper() {}
        virtual SDKError setExternalShareSource(IZoomSDKShareSource* pShareSource) = 0;
  • New interface to check whether the translated captions are enabled.

    • New interface in IClosedCaptionController

      virtual bool IsTextLiveTranslationEnabled() = 0;
  • New interfaces to fit the new Zoom meeting UI.

    • New interfaces in IMeetingInterpretationController

      virtual IList<IInterpretationLanguage*>* GetInterpreterAvailableLanguages() = 0;
      virtual SDKError SetInterpreterListenLan(int languageID) = 0;
      virtual SDKError GetInterpreterListenLan(int& languageID) = 0;
  • New callback in IMeetingInterpretationControllerEvent

    virtual void OnInterpreterLanguagesUpdated(IList<IInterpretationLanguage*>* availableLanguages) = 0;
  • New interface to give each user a unique user ID in the main meeting and in or out of Breakout Room (BO) rooms. Please note that this ID is only persistent during the current meeting, the ID will be discarded once the meeting is over.

    • New interface in IUserInfo

      virtual const wchar_t* GetPersistentId() = 0;
  • Add device test support in Zoom default UI.

Fixed and Changed

  • Fixed an issue where the PinVideoToFirstView interface does not behave correctly when the host is pinning an attendee’s video in a webinar.

  • Fixed an issue where a user could get onLiveTranscriptionStatus callback while in the waiting room.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onUnAssignedUserUpdated is not being triggered after calling the interface AssignUserToBO or RemoveUserFromBO.

  • Fixed an issue that pinning a pinned user returns incorrect value.

  • Fixed an issue where switching back to a previously used domain results in failure.

  • Hide the “More Feature” button on the share toolbar since it does not contain any additional features.

  • Fixed an issue where sharing a PowerPoint as the virtual background was not successful.

  • Fixed an issue where the interface GetAvailableLanguageList returns NULL for a participant after the participant’s host permission has been revoked.

  • Removed the requirement of having a camera in order to use the raw data feature.