On December 19, we added new phone API endpoints and updated existing ones. Note the new location of Zoom Phone API.


Audio library 

  • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/audios

  • POST /v2/phone/users/{userId}/audios/batch

  • DELETE /v2/phone/audios/{audioId}

  • GET /v2/phone/audios/{audioId}

  • PATCH /v2/phone/audios/{audioId}

Carrier reseller numbers 

  • GET /v2/phone/carrier_reseller/numbers

  • POST /v2/phone/carrier_reseller/numbers

  • PATCH /v2/phone/carrier_reseller/numbers

  • DELETE /v2/phone/carrier_reseller/numbers/{number}

Sync desk phones

  • POST /phone/devices/sync


  • GET /phone/users/{userId}/call_logs/{id}/voice_mail

  • GET /phone/voice_mails/{voicemailId}

Zoom Rooms

  • POST /v2/phone/rooms/{roomId}/phone_numbers

  • POST /v2/phone/rooms/{roomId}/calling_plans

  • DELETE /v2/phone/rooms/{roomId}/phone_numbers/{phoneNumberId}

  • DELETE /v2/phone/rooms/{roomId}/calling_plans/{type}

  • GET /v2/phone/rooms

  • GET /v2/phone/rooms/{roomId}

  • PATCH /v2/phone/rooms/{roomId}


  • New fields (international_sms, international_sms_countries, emergency_address_management, call_park, call_overflow, call_transferring, zoom_phone_on_mobile, voicemail_download, voicemail_delete) in user profile API

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • New query parameter (holiday_id) for IVR API

    • GET /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/ivr

    • PATCH /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/ivr

  • New request field (country_iso_code) in user settings API

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings

Emergency address

  • New response fields (emergency_address, emergency_address_update_time, emergency_address_status) in phone numbers API

    • GET /v2/phone/numbers

  • New request field (emergency_address_status) in Update phone number details API

    • PATCH /v2/phone/numbers/{numberId}

  • New response fields (emergency_address, emergency_address_status) in Get phone number details API

    • GET /v2/phone/numbers/{numberId}

  • New response field (emergency_address) in Get common area phone API

    • GET /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{deviceId}

  • New request field (emergency_address_id) in Update common area phone API

    • PATCH /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{deviceId}

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the intermittent 400 error when querying the call log details after receiving the phone.caller_call_log_completed or phone.callee_call_log_completed events

    • GET /v2/phone/call_logs/{callLogId}