February 28, we added new phone API endpoints and updated existing ones. Note the new location of Zoom Phone API (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/phone/methods) and Zoom Phone master account API (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/phone/ma).


Real time device location tracking

  • GET /v2/phone/metrics/location_tracking

Call recording 

  • DELETE /v2/phone/recording/{recordingId}

Sync API

  • Call logs

    GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/call_logs/sync

  • Voicemails

    GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/voice_mails/sync


  • Added new request field (template_id) and object (voicemail_access_members) in the Update user’s profile API

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • Added a new response object (voicemail_access_members) in the Get user’s profile API

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • GET /phone/users/{userId}/settings

    • New response fields (music_on_hold_id, audio_prompt_language and status)

    • New response fields (devices, enable_phone_lock and pin_code) in the desk_phone object

  • Added new request fields (music_on_hold_id, audio_prompt_language) in the Update user profile settings API

    • PATCH /phone/users/{userId}/settings

  • Added a new request (PATCH) or response (GET) field (allow_callers_check_voicemail) in the call handling settings API

    • GET /v2/phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings

    • PATCH /v2/phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings/{settingType}

  • Added a new request field (country) in blocked list API

    • POST /v2/phone/blocked_list

    • PATCH /v2/phone/blocked_list/{accountBlockedId}

  • Added a new error message (Common area optimization option is enabled) in the common area phones API

    • POST /v2/phone/common_area_phones

    • GET /v2/phone/common_area_phones

    • GET /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}

    • PATCH /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}

    • DELETE /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}

    • PATCH /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}/calling_plans

    • DELETE /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaId}/calling_plans/{type}

    • PATCH /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}/phone_numbers

    • DELETE /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaId}/phone_numbers/{phoneNumberId}

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed so the invalid next page token error is returned when querying with the to field that exceeds the current date in call logs API

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/call_logs

    • GET /v2/phone/call_logs