Happy New Year! On January 24, Zoom added new phone API endpoints and updated existing ones. Note the new location of Zoom Phone API (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/phone/methods). Master account API is also available (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/phone/ma).


Emergency addresses

  • GET /v2/phone/emergency_addresses

  • POST /v2/phone/emergency_addresses

  • GET /v2/phone/emergency_addresses/{emergencyAddressId}

  • PATCH /v2/phone/emergency_addresses/{emergencyAddressId}

  • DELETE /v2/phone/emergency_addresses/{emergencyAddressId}

Emergency number pools 

  • POST /v2/phone/emergency_number_pools/phone_numbers

  • DELETE /v2/phone/emergency_number_pools/phone_numbers/{phoneNumberId}


  • phone.callee_mute

  • phone.callee_unmute

  • phone.caller_mute

  • phone.caller_unmute

  • phone.recording_deleted

  • phone.recording_permanently_deleted



New response/request (department, cost_center) fields for split billing in:

  • User profile API

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • Auto receptionists 

    • GET /v2/phone/auto_receptionists

    • PATCH /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}

  • Call queues 

    • GET /v2/phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}

    • POST /v2/phone/call_queues

    • PATCH /v2/phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}

  • Common area phones

    • GET /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}

    • POST /v2/phone/common_area_phones

    • PATCH /v2/phone/common_area_phones/{commonAreaPhoneId}

New response (caller_country_iso_code, callee_country_iso_code) fields in the call logs API

  • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/call_logs

  • GET /v2/phone/call_logs

  • GET /v2/phone/call_logs/{callLogId}

New response (meeting_id, display_number, label, audio_prompt_language, greeting, on_hold_music) fields  and assignee type enum values(emergencyNumberPool, companyLocation, meetingService) in phone numbers API

  • GET /v2/phone/numbers/{numberId}

User profile API (video mail)

  • New response (emergency_address, department, cost_center, allow_videomail) fields

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • New request (emergency_address_id, allow_videomail) fields

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}

User settings API

  • New response (delegation)  field

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings

  • New request (delegation_assistant_extension_id) and response (delegation) fields

    • POST /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings/{settingType}

  • Support for a new request (delegation) field

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings/{settingType}

    • DELETE /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings/{settingType}

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the request field(site_id) issue in the List directory backup routing rules API

    • GET /v2/phone/routing_rules

  • Fixed the response value of the order field not matching the page in the directory backup routing rules API

    • GET /v2/phone/routing_rules

    • GET /v2/phone/routing_rules/{routingRuleId}

  • Fixed the bug where IVR that was uploaded from the web portal through an API was not listed in the API call

    • POST /v2/phone/users/{userId}/audios/batch

  • Fixed the bug where the Update auto receptionist IVR API successfully updated the audio file but the Get auto receptionist IVR API did not return the new audio file 

    • PATCH /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/ivr

  • Fixed the charge and rate fields value issue

    • GET /v2/phone/call_logs