On November 21, we added new phone API endpoints and updated existing ones. Note the new location of Zoom Phone API (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-phone-api).


Directory backup routing rules

  • GET /v2/phone/routing_rules

  • POST /v2/phone/routing_rules

  • GET /v2/phone/routing_rules/{routingRuleId}

  • PATCH /v2/phone/routing_rules/{routingRuleId}

  • DELETE /v2/phone/routing_rules/{routingRuleId}

Add a client code to a call log

  • PUT /v2/phone/call_logs/{callLogId}/client_code

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for auto receptionists during business and closed hours 

  • GET /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/ivr

  • PATCH /v2/phone/auto_receptionists/{autoReceptionistId}/ivr


  • Call handling for call queues and auto receptionists

    • POST /v2/phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings/{settingType}

    • PATCH /v2/phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings/{settingType}

    • DELETE /v2/phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings/{settingType}

    • GET /v2/phone/extension/{extensionId}/call_handling/settings

  • Filter voicemail, call recordings and call logs by timestamp

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/voice_mails

    • GET /v2/phone/voice_mails

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/recordings

    • GET /v2/phone/recordings

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/call_logs

    • GET /v2/phone/call_logs

  • Added new fields (select_outbound_caller_id, emergency_calls_to_psap, hand_off_to_room , mobile_switch_to_carrier)

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • Update user’s settings API: added a  new request field (area_code

    • PATCH /v2/phone/users/{userId}/settings

  • Filter SMS sessions by timestamp

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/sms/sessions

    • GET /v2/phone/sms/sessions

    • GET /v2/phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}

  • Get SMS session details API: ascending or descending order based on creation time

    • GET /v2/phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}

Bug fixes

  • Fixed delay in querying call recordings

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}/recordings

  • Fixed SMS policy in the API so it matches the web portal

    • GET /v2/phone/users/{userId}

  • Fixed permission scopes and exception handling when downloading recording transcripts

    • GET /v2/phone/recording_transcript/download/{recordingId}

    • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/phone/recording_transcript/download/{recordingId}

  • Added missing owner to to_members object

    • GET /v2/phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}

    • GET /v2/phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}/messages/{messageId}