On September 26, 2021, we added new phone API and webhook events. We also made updates to existing ones. Note the new location of Zoom Phone API.


Download a phone recording transcript

  • GET /v2/phone/recording_transcript/download/{recordingId}

List ported numbers

  • GET /v2/phone/ported_numbers/orders

Get ported number details

  • GET /v2/phone/ported_numbers/orders/{orderId}

Peering phone numbers through Provider Exchange

Note: Phone peering API and events are for use by partners that have completed the MoU to peer with Zoom. To become a peering provider/ carrier, please submit your request here.

Add peering phone numbers

  • POST /v2/phone/peering/numbers

Update peering phone numbers

  • PATCH /v2/phone/peering/numbers

Remove peering phone numbers

  • DELETE /v2/phone/peering/numbers

List peering phone numbers

  • GET /v2/phone/peering/numbers


Get User's SMS Sessions

  • GET /phone/users/{userId}/sms/sessions

Get Account's SMS Sessions 

  • GET /phone​/sms​/sessions

Get SMS session details

  • GET /phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}

Get SMS by message ID

  • GET /phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}/messages/{messageId}

Master account SMS API

  • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/phone/users/{userId}/sms/sessions

  • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/phone/sms/sessions

  • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}

  • GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/phone/sms/sessions/{sessionId}/messages/{messageId}

New events

Warm transfer was accepted

  • phone.warm_transfer_accepted

Emergency address has changed

  • phone.peering_number_emergency_address_updated

CNAM has changed

  • phone.peering_number_cnam_updated


New response fields in user profile API 

forwarding_to_external_numbers, elevate_to_meeting, delegation, voicemail, sms, ad_hoc_call_recording, auto_call_recording

New response field (transcript_download_url) in phone recording API

 New response fields (call_log_idand call_id) in phone voicemail API 

New response field (call_id) in an event Voicemail is received

  • phone.voicemail_received